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Rocket Launcher
German Rocket Launcher Type 41

by: Joe Rion [ DISPATCHER ]

The kit
This kit, an older release by Tamiya, can still be found from time to time online or via E-bay or even perhaps at your local hobby store depending. The kit contains 2 sprues (D & E) of tan plastic which are crisply molded with no flash. Wing nuts are visible on parts and wood grain simulation for the rocket launcher frames is visable.

In addition to the rocket launchers themselves, the kit also supplies 2 figures. Both are well molded with a small seam that should be cleaned up easily. The 2 figures are in work dress with short sleves and one with open shirt. One figure comes with high boots and the other with low top boots. No personal weapons are provided at all.

rocket launcher and rockets
The rocket launcher frame is molded very well as compared to pictures of it I have seen. The frame has some ejection marks but are small and on the underside of the launcher. The rocket crates are similar to the ones supplied in the 251 D Stuka Zu Fuss half-track release by Tamiya and the wood grain molding looks good. Their are some ejection marks, but most show up on the inside of the crates. The kit includes 4 rockets and each rocket is comprised of three pieces. Three rockets are 28 cm HE and one is a 32 cm incendiary. The actual rockets used 26 jet venturi at the bottom of the rocket but the kit rockets supplied only show 18 jet venturi. The discrepency in my opinion is likely dye to the fact that 26 jets would not be as visible as the 18 shown in the molding. Since this is designed for use in a diorama setting, I would have liked to have seen a few extra rockets and crates to allow for them to be laid out waiting a second launching. Additionally, no equipment for the actual firing of the rockets is included

The kit also provides decals in the form of a 32 cm or 28 cm size decal for each rocket but no unit markings or other decals are provided.
Highs: Nice little kit for a diorama given the subject matter.
Lows: No igniting machine for launching rockets, lack of extra crew members, equipment, spare rockets, etc. limits use as a "stand alone" diorama item.
Verdict: The kit is simple and direct but shows it's age in places and could use some added extras to make it a complete kit.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35155
  Suggested Retail: $7.95
  PUBLISHED: Dec 07, 2007

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