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Staghound Stowage set
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by: Jim Rae [ JIMBRAE ]

A few years ago it was almost inconceivable that we would have two, high-quality kits of the Staghound in 1/35th scale. Not only are the 'vanilla' versions' available, but we've been promised kits of all the major variants from both Bronco Model and Italeri along with a number of excellent conversion sets from companies such as Accurate Armour. The current kits, as they stand, although superb do need the addition of stowage. The vehicle in service did tend to become a touch 'cluttered' with both 'official' and 'acquired' stowage (see photos at the bottom of the page). This is the third of the After-Market Stowage sets for the Staghound to have become available and perhaps this is the one with a higher content.

Legend's New set
LF1157 - Staghound Stowage Set comes packed in a sealed (and sturdy) cardboard box, the parts are inside a snap-top plastic bag. A first-look indicated that there were no defects or damage to the mouldings. What does strike you though, is just how much is in the set - there are no less than 71 parts in this set.

The set is designed, principally, to add stowage to the 'officially' (?) designated areas. These are:

Front and rear mudgards

above the central stowage boxes (both sides)

Rear engine deck

With the mudguards in mind, seven of the larger 'bundles' are designed with curves. These represent rolled tarpaulins, bedding bundles or could even be the canvas 'lean-tos' which can be seen in some contemporary photos. One of the curved pieces represents a rolled 'scrim' net - not a part which I find completely convincing, but it should paint up well enough. The design of the 'bundles' is very nice indeed with all of them tightly strapped and, where applicable, with buckles.

The next 'section' of the stowage covers all the other items any AFV crew would need - 4 jerrycans (British type with the WD clearly seen), the four-gallon 'flimsies' (used for lubricants) three of which are bundled together along with such items as .30 cal ammunition boxes. One nice touch was a toolbox

The final part, which is always desirable, are the mouldings for the personal gear. This includes six British haversacks 3 with slight differences, bedrolls and pouches. Also present are four Mark II helmets a hurricane lamp and some wine bottles. The final touch is provided with a bucket...

This is a BIG set. Conceivably, you could use the whole set on a single model however, it would, I feel, be overloading it unrealistically. Carefully used, you could give a couple of models adequate stowage with this set - YES, it's that generous...

As i've said before, when reviewing other sets from Legend, I DON'T like the excessive 'pour-stubs'. The resin they use is good quality and easy to cut but it is a delicate and time-consuming process. I DO like the way they've designed the set with the Bronco 'Stag in mind although it's equally 'usable' with the Italeri kit...

A highly useful and versatile set for a great modeling subject. Quality of moulding is absolutely first-class (even with those mould-plugs). It also represents excellent value for money (Lucky Model have it for $23.99, post-free). The set will also go a long way and a number of parts can be used on other vehicles without any problems.

The photos
The top three photos are from Legend's site showing a possible use of the set. The archive photos are from the I.W.M. collection giving an idea of the stowge that Staghounds carried and, as I always say on these occasions - For Discussion Purposes ONLY.
Highs: The quality of the moulding and the sheer volume of parts in this set make it sufficient for at least one (perhaps two) model. Moulding quality is first class with little (if any) in the way of moulding defects.
Lows: The casting stubs on the resin parts. They'll require a lot of care and attention in removal.
Verdict: Well up to the standard we've come to expect from this company's products. Versatility is the keyword with this particular set..
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: LF1157
  PUBLISHED: Feb 20, 2008
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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Hi Jim, Thanks, another long for the long list iof kits to get. Al
FEB 21, 2008 - 11:14 PM
My sets just arrived and after looking at the contents I can confirm Jim's review. Lots of stowage, enough to do two kits. Or at least one very stowed with lots left over for other uses. Thanks Jim for the review. Darryl
MAR 12, 2008 - 12:01 AM
I picked the set up on a trip to Aussie and can also confirm Jim's view. An excellent set. Thanks for the review
OCT 11, 2008 - 06:01 PM

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