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Modelling the M3/M5 Stuart Light Tank

by: Rodger Cole [ HALFYANK ]

The M3/M5 Stuart class of American light tanks is one of the more popular modeling subjects. For me it all began with the comic book G.I. Combat and the exploits of the “Haunted Tank.” Unfortunately, until recently, all the 1/35th modeler had to work with was the ancient Tamiya kit. In his latest book Steven Zaloga shows how to accurately model the Tamiya kit, along with offering from Academy and AFV Club.

As Mr. Zaloga himself says in the introduction; “This book is aimed at serious modelers who wish to improve their craftsmanship. This does not mean it is aimed only advanced modelers. While some of the projects may be too involved and complicated for most readers, I hope that they will find many tips on construction and painting that will be useful on their own projects.” I couldn’t agree more, I certainly have learned a few tips I hope to employ.

The 80-page book has well over 150 photos in it. Most are of models that Steven Zaloga has made over the last two decades. Others are close up details of vehicles in various armor museums throughout the world. Through text and these photos the author takes the reader through the process of making a nearly OOB AFV Club M3A3 as a French tank, kit bashing a Tamiya and an Academy kit into a Russian M3A1, and modifying a Tamiya kit into an acceptable M5A1. Also included are several smaller projects, such as a Tamiya into a desert “Honey”, an Academy M3A1 into a US Army M3 in the Philippines, and a Cromwell resin kit, Tamiya M3 kit, and an Italeri Pak 40 into a Yugoslav “Pak Stuart.”

One final item that is included in the book is a page of color samples for various paints. They include US WWII lusterless olive drab, BSC 64 portland stone, “Scale” olive drab, BSC 28 silver grey, “Faded” olive drab, BCS 34 slate, blue drab, and BSC 15 olive drab. These represented colors go a long way to help the modeler mix their own colors.

This is the first book in the Osprey Modeling series that I’ve gotten. Hopefully they will come out with more armor subjects. If they do it won’t be my last.
In his latest book Steven Zaloga shows how to accurately model the Tamiya kit, along with offering from Academy and AFV Club.
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  PUBLISHED: Jan 28, 2004
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