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Abrams in detail
Abrams in detail… U.S. Army main battle tank M1A1 AIM
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by: Charles King [ TI ]

Here is another Wings and Wheels Publication book review by my favorite author, Ralph Zwilling. I would like to thank, yet again, Miloslav Hraban of Real Models, for sending me this book for review. This is another picture-only color reference book for those Abrams loving fanatics out there. If you are familiar with Ralph’s work then you will be no stranger what he is capable of doing.

I always like to start with the number of sections there are because it helps give an idea of the amount of detail photos that are included. The book's contents are split up into 8 sections. They are as follows:

• Operation Iraqi Freedom pages 6 - 15
• Training in Germany pages 16 -21
• Turret Details pages 22 -39
• Hull Details pages 40 -51
• Engine Details 52 - 61
• Mine Plow pages 62 -65
• Mine Roller pages 66 -69
• The Men 70 -71

The book opens with a 5 page introduction/table content layout. It is a cool idea I think, compared to the norm of the content on a separate page then the introduction on another page. The introduction is quite simple and goes straight into describing the main rolls of this American beauty. Again, like Ralph’s style of writing, he does not go any deeper detail than necessary. It is a very positive trend that he uses, at least in the books he has authored that I have read. Each page provides a generous amount of information relevant to the subject matter in focus. Not too much and not too little, but just enough to correlate the story. The majority of the pictures are close-up and nicely detailed, which, once again, is definitely one of the reasons for buying this book. Ralph takes the photo angles into account knowing that modelers will appreciate it immensely. Even non-model enthusiasts will give it a five star rating.

If you’re an Abrams fan then it is obvious that getting this book will enhance your military library for pure reference purposes or as a modeler looking to detail your next Abram model project. If you want hardcore in-depth information about this beast then you would have to look elsewhere. There is one flaw with this book and that is, there are no interior shots. I am curious to know why they were not included. I’m sure modelers would want to see accurate pictures of the interior. The only reason I can come with is…confidentiality. Whatever the reason, the absence of interior shots would have made this book perfect. Otherwise, this book is purely a modeler’s reference guide for exterior photos of this modern tank.
Highs: Many great detail pictures.
Lows: No interior shots
Verdict: Purely a modeler’s reference guide for exterior photos.
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