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Voyager PE for Tamiya Hetzer
Voyager Photo Etch for the Tamiya Hetzer Mittlere Produktion
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by: Jeff [ SGTREEF ]

This set by Voyager was the only one available on the market at the time I built the Hetzer kit. It just about covers the entire update to the Tamiya Mittlere Produktion Hetzer #35285. Voyager has not been around as long as either Eduard or Aber but the quality is top notch on this set.
Upon opening the very sturdy box, one is greeted with two medium sized, rather stiff photo etch sheets.
What I mean by stiff is that if you are familiar with Eduard photo etch, you will find these a bit harder to work with and cut from the carrier sheets.

Also included are two smaller bags which have the side mounts for the camo wire and miscellaneous details.
At the bottom of the box are some stray bits of wire to make up the two antennas and their mounts, a smaller piece of plastic rod is also included to make the ends of the antenna mounts.

The Instructions are printed on very good paper, but this is where you must keep an eye on the parts as some are shown backwards, so references are a must to position the parts correctly.
Well, back to the stiff side, this makes it hard to detail out the fender grooves with a ball point pen as shown in the instructions. The approach I took, as I did not anneal the brass sheets, was to use a double end ball stylus tool made for embossing, inexpensive and readily available at most craft stores and online.You must be careful though, as the fenders will curl from applying force to make the grooves.
Also, for added strength, the fender brackets are best soldered on.
This was my first time using a photo etch set from Voyager and I must say the quality is very good, right up there with Aber ,which in my opinion is a more complex set of Photo Etch then Eduard. I would not recommend this set for anybody that has not had a few photo etch sets under their belts, as the instructions are a bit vague in places as to what to do and the extra stiffness of the material makes it more difficult to work with.
But I can't wait to try one on a Panzer III!

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Highs: Very well in detail,right up there with Aber. Excellent packaging.
Lows: Hardness of the Photo Etch is best annealed first to soften for easier use. Fender brackets are best soldered for strength.
Verdict: Very nice set for one that has the time and experience. Soldering is a must on fender brackets.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: PE 35176
  Suggested Retail: MSRP $34.95
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  PUBLISHED: Jun 06, 2008

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