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REME/ Royal Engineers
Vehicles of 2 Battalion REME- Equipment Support th 7th Armoured Brigade
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by: Jeremy Coyle [ HERCHEALER ]


Tankograd Publishing's Latest British special covers the 2nd Battalion REME, which supports the 7th Armoured Brigade. The book was written by danial Nowak, Simon Copley-Smith, and Tim Matzold and translated into German by Verlag Vollert. Within the 64 page softbound book you will find 130 color pictures and 5 graphics. The pictures are very clear and the quality of the book is excellent and typical of Tankograds quality we have become accustomed to.


The first 10 pages consist of a brief history of the Royal engineers and their present day role as well as a brief desription of the Current Battalion and its units. The rest of the book is filled with pictures of various REME vehicles. Those included are the 25-21 tonne Foden general service 6x6 recovery vehicle, Various Land rovers, Bedford mj 4-tonne truck, Leyland DAF T244, Bedford TM 4x8-tonne truck, Leyland DROPS (Demountable Rack Off-load and pick-up system) MMLC (Medium Mobility Load Class) 8x6 15 tonne truck, Coles crane, various forklifts, trailers used by the Battalion, FV105 Sultans, FV434s, FV 512 Warrior MRV, and the CRARRV ( Challenger Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle "Rhino"). The Research is outstanding with each photo having a brief caption under it. it also includes multiple photo's of the upgraded vehicles used in Operation Telic, including some with slat armour and also the Unique slanted armour used on The US Marine AAV's. There are a lot of good shots to use for reference, although not a lot of close ups. It also gives you a lot of ideas for Dio's.


Overall this is an excellent book to use for reference. the pictures are crisp and the research is accurate. the dual language is also appealing to a larger group of individuals. Even though there could be more close ups to the book. It is not designed to be a technical manual. For what the book was written for it is spot on.
Highs: Lots of great pictures covering a fascinating side of armour. The pictures are clear and descriptive.
Lows: Not too much on the technical side, however this was not the intetion of the book.
Verdict: This is a deffinate must have for all of you REME and engineering lovers out there. Excellent Resource.
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  Scale: Other
  Mfg. ID: British Special 9007
  PUBLISHED: Jun 19, 2008
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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