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BMW R 75

by: Ian Sadler [ IANSADLER ]

The book under review is the new Title BMW R 75 from Wings and Wheels publications, RAK, PO box 35, 17006, Prague, Czech Republic. Printed in English throughout.

The authors are Frantisek Koran and Michal Burian with the Motorcycles from the private collection of Vladimir Lehar. The Isbn no is 80-86416-17-8 and the price varies country to country so check with your local bookseller. In its 48 pages it contains 165 colour photographs and one B& W line drawing.

This Museum Special Line No 21 continues on in a very long line of similar books on a specific vehicle and its accessories.

If you have bought any one of the previous specials then you know all ready the very high standard the Franti has set for his publications.

It seems that with each new one he manages still to raise the standard that little bit higher than the last.

Split into the usual layout of history and then specific detailed sections; it fully reveals all the complex workings of the BMW R 75 motorcycle and sidecar.

Each set of high quality photographs is accompanied by a small but comprehensive text.

Small but important details are picked out and explained more fully in the text such as the style and the different saddle makers. As a bonus it contains the very best illustrations in full colour of the infantry cart used with this Motorcycle and also used with the Kettenkrad.

It is this attention to detail that makes the researchers and model makers life so much easier.

For those lucky enough at last years Beltring War and Peace rally to be able buy one of the many R 75's on sale. You could buy them from a basket case to near running order. Then this book is going to be a gold mine of information to help in the restoration project. Equally for those who cannot afford the real article and can only buy the 1/9 scale model. Sit back and be amazed at the level of detail you will be able to incorporate into your models.

Franti has yet given us an other winner, go out and order yours today you will not be disappointed. Very Highly recommended and for the American readers who like to see points out of 10. Then it has to be 10 out of 10.

Advance Review copy kindly supplied by Franti, many thanks.

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  Scale: 1:1
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  PUBLISHED: Apr 10, 2002
  NATIONALITY: United States

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