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Staghound Stowage set
Staghound Stowage set no 1
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by: Pat McGrath [ EXER ]

You wait years for an armoured car to come along and then two manufacturers release kits of the same Staghound at almost the same time. Well in case you bought both and are short of stowage then this is the aftermarket stowage set you need.

The Set
The set comes in the usual Resicast cardboard box with a photo of two model Staghounds laden with Resicast stowage. Inside the box are five ziplock bags of resin pieces and one etched brass fret, altogether containing 67 resin and 46 etched parts. The instructions come as a two page A5 leaflet printed front and back. This contains 6 keyed photos of the resin stowage and etched fret telling what each piece is as well as assembly instructions for the side basket and two wartime Staghound photos, showing the 25pdr ammo box placement and the fitting of the wading gear. There are also two drawings plus another photo of the set to aid with the wading fittings.

The set contains the following

10 x 25 pdr ammo boxes (two types)
6 x 303 ammo boxes
2 Side stowage baskets –resin frame with brass mesh
2 Air ducts with brass mesh covers
Wading fittings for Bronco Staghound
Wading fittings for Italeri Staghound
1 hot water maker
1 A type antenna
1 B type antenna
2 sets of two Jerricans with straps fitted (Separate handles)
2 cable reels
A pile of stowage for the left mid section consisting of two tarps, an ammo box and a rolled camo net
A pile of stowage for the left mid section consisting of a rolled up tarp and two ammo boxes
Two sets of stowage for the rear fenders, one with an ammo box and one tarp, the other with an ammo box and two tarps
Two rolled tarps for the front right fender
One rolled tarp for the front right fender
A folded tarp and what is either a flag or a cut down air recognition panel for the rear deck.
Two separate small tarps
Two small tarps cast together.
A side turret machine mounting.
1 Armoured corps Helmet with liner.
Two Armoured corps Helmets cast together.
1 Biscuit tin

The etched fret contains handles for the large and small ammo boxes.

The resin used is a light olive green color and the casting is very sharp. Some of the stowage items are cleverly cast so that they can be easily separated from the resin plugs while others particularly the curved tarps for the fenders will require some hard work with a razor saw and files. The usual warnings apply while sanding or sawing resin and I find it best to do both by repeatedly dipping the sanding stick or saw in a container of water to make the resin dust clump up on the tool and fall away in the water.

Having built the Resicast M4A4 Chrysler engine I can say that the resin basket support will need very careful assembly and sanding and some more experienced modelers may just use the resin pieces as a template for replacement brass or copper wire pieces.

The set does indeed contain enough stowage for two vehicles with probably some left over for the spares box. From my limited reference on the Staghound it seems that the Canadian Staghounds more commonly had the side basket while New Zealander Units had the 25 pdr ammo boxes welded into a cut out on the wheel fenders.

This is an excellent stowage set for either the Bronco or the Italeri Staghound.

Highs: Variety of items and quality of castings
Lows: Some tricky resin plugs to remove.
Verdict: Very useful set for either or both of the Italeri and Bronco Staghound kits
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35.2300
  Suggested Retail: €29.50
  PUBLISHED: Jul 12, 2008
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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