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Machine Gun Carrier
Universal Carrier – Medium Machine Gun Carrier
  • P7290020

by: Alan McNeilly [ ALANL ]

Over this past year Resicast have been releasing several new update sets for the Tamiya Universal Carrier, either kit number 35249 or 35175. To date we have had new conversion and update sets for the Universal Carrier Deep Wading - (53.293), the AOP Carrier Mk 1 - (35.912), the Universal Carrier Mk II (Standard Infantry and/or Platoon version) – (35.917), and Universal Carrier Medium Machine Gun Carrier - (35.198).In addition Resicast have also given us a number of excellent accessories/stowage sets to compliment these new releases. Their latest set, 35.198 Universal Carrier – Medium Machine Gun Carrier, is designed as a conversion set for the Tamiya 1/35 scale kit to produce the Medium Machine Gun Carrier variant.

The set
The set comes in a sturdy business like box and the kit parts are contained within zip plastic bags which have been packed with bubble wrap in between for maximum protection. I shook the box and it didn’t rattle, always a good sign. The box art depicts a colour picture of the completed machine gun carrier and several small additional pictures below and on the ends, all of which are handy references.

What you get inside are 10 plastic bags containing the individual kit parts and a fret of PE plus a double sided 10 page A5 instruction booklet and the engine block and some lengths of plastic rod you will need for the build. The first 2 pages of the instruction booklet contain a listing of all the kit resin parts whilst page 3 contains a listing of the PE parts for the conversion. The remainder of the instruction booklet is dedicated to the build with the final page being copies of the stowage sketches for the interior, front, and rear of the vehicle. A small sketch for the housing of the Vickers MG or PIAT when stowed is also included. All these are excellent additions to the instructions, although I found the print very difficult to read as it had not copied well.

The instruction themselves consist of a series of black and white photographs that are clearly marked and of sufficient quality to be very acceptable and detailing the stages required to build the carrier. Towards the end are 2 options to finish the carrier either as a Medium Machine Gun Carrier – Command Version or as a Medium Machine Gun Carrier -Standard Version. The main difference here being the inclusion of the wireless.

The resin parts are cast with a dark grey finish, the replacement tracks being somewhat lighter in a light grey finish. With the exception of the 2 shovel handles that are slightly bent all the parts are absolutely first class in term of detail with a crisp and clear finish and all the pour stubs are marked for easy identification. I could see no sign of air bubbles or distortions on any of the parts. You will need a sharp razor saw and X-acto blade but clean up should be minimal if the pour stubs are removed cleanly. I check the length of the replacement engine block against the kit part and it was a perfect match.

A full list of contents is provided below:

• A1 - Antenna base a x 1
• A2 - Antenna base b x 1
• A3 - Antenna base c x 1
• A4 - Antenna x 1
• B1 - Bren gun x 1
• B2 - Bren gun stowed x 1
• BU - Engine cover buttons x 8 7
• EQ - Engine cover handles x 8 4
• CO - Condenser cans (middle east) x 4
• D - Drive wheel hub x 2
• E - Idle wheel hub x 2
• EZ - Spanner (optional) x 1
• F - Exhaust x 2
• G - Drive wheel x 2 1
• I - Seat lever right x 1
• J - Seat lever left x 1
• MS1 - Mud scraper left x 1
• MS2 - Mud scraper right x 1
• SA - POW front right x 1
• SB - Tool box x 1
• SC - Battery box x 1
• SD - POW front left x 1
• SF - Bren bin x 1
• SG - Radio support frame x 1
• SH - Tool box (floor) x 1
• SI - Stowage bin x 1
• Sj - Antenna rod stowage (optional) x 1
• Sk - Flags (optional) x 1
• Sl - Rear stowage box x 1
• SM - seat x1
• SN - Box x 1
• SO - Intercom box x 1
• SQ - Rear canvas rolled (optional) x 1
• T - Tracks x 10 2
• TS - Tracks short x 2
• T1 - Spade x 2
• T2 - Spade handle x2
• T3 - Pick x 2
• T4 - Pick helve x 2
• T5 - Crow bar x 2
• UO1 - Front armour plate x 1
• UO2 - Bulkhead x 1
• UO3V - Front deck x 1
• UO4 - rear deck x 1
• UO5 - rear plate x 1
• UO6 - Engine x 1
• U07- Gear shift housing x 1
• U07 - Cable cover x 1
• U09 - Gear lever x 1
• UO9a -Hand brake x 1
• U10 - Front inner armour panel x 1
• U11 - Driver seat x 1
• U12 - battery box x 1
• U13 - Engine guard x 1
• U14 - not required
• U!5 - Left step x1
• U16 - Right step x 1
• U17 - Rifle stowage x 1
• U18 - Grab handle x 2
• U19 - Wing nut x 2
• U20 - Front light (Canadian) x 1
• U21 - Front light (Canadian) x 1
• U22 Front light (UK) x 1
• U23 – Electric cable x 1
• U24 – Side light x 1 1
• U25 – Starter plug x 1 1
• U26 – Rear light x 1 1
• V – Accelerator pedal support x 1
• W- Accelerator pedal x 1
• X – Break pedal x 1
• Y – Floor plate x 1
• Z – Clutch pedal x 1
• XT – Extinguisher x 3
• YA – Rifle x 1
• YB – Rifle x 1
• 22 – No 22 Wireless set x 1
• 22c – Variometer x1
• VA – Machine gun barrel x 1
• VB – Support arm x 1
• VC – Support arm x 1
• VD – Handle x1
• VE – Support x 1
• VF - Front spade fixation x 1
• VG – Satchel x 1
• VH – Satchel x 1
• V1 - Spare part box x 1
• VJ – Generator covered x 1
• VK - Condenser can x 1
• VL – Jack x1
• VM – Support x 1
• VN – Gun support x 1
• VO – Gun pillar x 1
• VP – Left stowage x 1
• VQ – Right stowage x 1
• VR – Ammo box open x1
• VS – Stowage bracket x 1
• VT – Stowage bracket x 1
• VU – Ammo box closed x 1
• VV – Leg rear x1
• VW – Leg left x 1
• VX – Leg right x 1
• VZ – Jack handle stowed x 1
• ME – Megaphone x 1

Well as you can see you get a lot for your money, everything you should need to build an accurate representation of the machine gun carrier and this appears to be an outstanding conversion set. I can’t fault the casting nor the sharpness of the detail and a substantial amount of detail is provided with the PE fret as well. Though no expert on the Universal carrier, this set matches up with all the information that I have and should produce a quality model.

The issue of cost is always one when buying a resin conversion. Having built the Universal Carrier Mk 1 (53.912) and having seen the level of detail and workmanship that has gone into producing these conversion sets I personally have no problem spending that extra bit more for a quality model. I have spend as much and more and ended up with a pigs ear, but these little kits I feel are excellent both in quality and value for money. They may not be for the absolute beginner, but if you have been building for a year or two, take your time, and work carefully then you should end up with a quality or outstanding model.

The normal precautions should be taken when using resin, either wet the parts when cutting or use a face mask to avoid inhaling the dust. That said these are mostly very small items and should cut cleanly off the stubs and required little filing. Take your time when working with resin to avoid accidental breakage.

This set is another outstanding conversion from Resicast for the old Tamiya Universal Carrier and adds to their already impressive range of Carrier conversion options. Allowing several finish possibilities, this set contains the complete range of the parts necessary for a quality build. Stand alone or in a dio, this provides modellers with an accurate representation of what was a widely issued vehicle both to Commonwealth and British troops during WW2. Highly Recommended. A Build Log is available via the forums to evaluate the fit and assembly.
Highs: The level of detail, quality of the kit and the range of options all go to make this a cracking little conversion set. The addition of either a Canadian or British finish adds to the overall user friendliness of the set.
Lows: Cost perhaps, but I felt this was off set against the quality and level of detail offered in the set. Probably not for the faint hearted or the beginner.
Verdict: Recommended for anyone looking to be able to create a Medium Machine Gun Carrier from the Tamiya kit.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35.198
  Suggested Retail: 57.50 euro
  PUBLISHED: Sep 15, 2008
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

Our Thanks to Resicast!
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Good review Alan, I'm torn between splashing out on this conversion or the new T16 when I go to Euro.
SEP 15, 2008 - 06:29 AM
Hi Pat, The new T16 looks cool, but I'm going to enjoy building this one. Started the blog this evening to get some feed back on a possible setting to model in in. Enjoy Euro, I may try and make it down and it would be good to meet you in person. Cheers Al
SEP 15, 2008 - 07:03 AM

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