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WWII British P.O.W Cans
WWII British P.O.W. 4 Gallon and 2 Gallon Tanks (Military Pattern)
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by: Alan McNeilly [ ALANL ]

A common sight in many early war pictures are the P.O.W. cans used by the British and Commonwealth Forces. Known as ‘Flimsies’ because of their construction from lightweight metal, and the tendency to burst. They were a common item in the early years of WWII.

The Sets
These sets come in a sealable zip plastic bag and consist of either 4 gallon or 2 gallon P.O.W. cans, referred to as tanks. These are designated Military Pattern and carry raised WD (War Department) markings on 2 sides. Each set contains 6 cans and a small fret of photo-etched parts to form the handles with. Also included on the bag is a small set of instructions and a piece of green and yellow backing card. Cast in light grey resin, all the items I bought were free from any air bubbles or defects. One of my 2 gallon cans did have slight damage to the top of one side, but then they were ‘Flimsies’!!

On the top of the can is a raised cap and 2 small indents to show you were to place the handles. Also in raised writing are the word/markings WD 1941 and Highly Flammable on the 4 gallon cans. The 2 gallon set is marked Highly Flammable and WD 1944, though with a little alteration these can be used for earlier years.

I am no expert on WW2 cans so I compared one can from these sets to one from Accurate Armour. The Armorscale can is about 1mm shorter than the cans provided by AA, so from a layman’s point of view not of any great consequence. I thought the addition of the WD markings both on the sides and top pretty neat, as is the Highly Flammable marking on top. The rim on the top of the can is quite low, but you can still catch it with you fingernail, so it is there.

What initially drew me to these was the cost. Each set of 6 is £2.50, so if you only need a few cans these provide quite an inexpensive, in resin terms, option. I have to say I’m impressed both by the detail and the presentation.
You will need a sharp razor saw to remove the pour plugs from the bottom of the cans and care should be taken when working with resin to avoid inhaling the dust.

Highs: Great detail, clear instructions and cost effective for small projects. Useable in many of the early theatres of war.
Lows: The rim on the top of the can is quite low.
Verdict: A detailed and useable product, useful for adding that extra detail to your vehicles or dios. Recommended.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: R35-010 and R35-011
  Suggested Retail: £2.50
  PUBLISHED: Sep 20, 2008
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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