In-Box Review
Anti Terrorist Operations

by: James P. Welch [ CAPTAINJACK ]

This newish kit from ICM Reference 35001, is in reality just a rehash of their earlier kit, Mujhadeen, reference 35221. The U.S. figures are suspiciously "Dragonesque" in presentation, and comparison shows that they appear to be modified and unadultarated copies of the same. You get this double packaged set of what is ostensibly a combined Northern Alliance, and U.S. troop set. for a total of eight figures.

The Afghans are cast in grey plastic, while the U.S. figures are in Yucky white plastic. While the colour doesn't affect them, it does give off some seriously negative vibes!! The casting falls on the soft side and the figures are larger than life. Just try cramming thirty of these bad boys onto the back of your favourite AFV!! Preponderant flash, points to mould wear/shift, perhaps due to over-production, mould usure and lack of quality control.

There are some MAJOR sinkholes (you could swim in them) in the legs of the Mujhadeen figures. There are odd cut off points for the arms on the U.S. figures, which render the figure useless for conversion potential. The U.S. heads are the love and leave em, toss em in the bucket variety. What there is useful in the kit are a couple of crouch positioned legs, that might come in handy.

The upper torsos (US) are unconvincing, and while not badly detailled, the flak vests are completely out of sync, and would need to be rebuilt up, or resculpted especially around the collar area. My conclusion, recommended if you have a gun against your temple. A couple of pairs of legs out of eight figures isn't really much of a bargain. caveat emptor!

We'll skip this one and hope things improve down the road. Hey I like their trucks!!
This newish kit from ICM Reference 35001, is in reality just a rehash of their earlier kit, Mujhadeen, reference 35221.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  PUBLISHED: Apr 21, 2002
  NATIONALITY: United States

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