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Timbering of Trenches
Timbering of Trenches
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by: Chas Young [ YOUNGC ]

New from Plus Model is this kit providing four sections of wooden timbering for 1:35 diorama trenches.

Trenches are relatively simple structures, traditionally used in war to provide cover from shell explosions and other forms of hostile fire, as well as concealment and speed of safe movement along front lines.

Each section of Plus Model’s trench measures 7.4 x 3.8cm, converting to 2.59 x 1.33m in 1:1 actual size.

The Parts
There are 4 grey resin parts packaged in a sealed plastic bag, wrapped in bubble plastic inside a sturdy, full colour cardboard box. Although Plus Model have obviously packed the parts with great care, they may wish to invest in zip lock or re-sealable bags as once these bag are opened, the parts can fall back out easily. Part attachment points are very thick, which will make them difficult to remove from the resin blocks.

Due to the parts being a fixed shape, and difficult to modify, it will be hard to implement the trenches into a diorama. Rather, the diorama will have to be built around the trenches. Also, each section of trench is identical and the structures themselves look very perfect and un-damaged. In a realistic combat diorama, no two sections of trench should be the same, and some bullet/shell or other impact damage should be evident. In fact, I cannot see any realistic justification for buying such a kit. A similar, if not a better effect could be achieved using a few bamboo skewers and fine, cotton string to represent the rope holding the timber poles together. Scratchbuilding also allows the modeller to customise the size, shape and texture of the trenches, something which cannot be as easily done with these resin parts.

My prediction is that the product will not be received positively by the modelling market. I cannot see why anyone would spend the money when they could easily make their own trenches using household material such as skewers and string! However, the kit has not lost any ‘marks’ because it is difficult for me to justify. The rating has only been affected by structural/physical inadequacies.

Highs: Parts are packed with care. With much preparation (customising) and skillful painting, this kit could accurately represent trench timbering.
Lows: Blobs and splatters are prominent, particularly near the vertical poles requiring tedious clean-up. Thick attachment points to resin blocks. Each section is identical and perfectly flawless, a rarity in combat. The kit, at €11.00 is quite expensive.
Verdict: I cannot see any realistic justification for buying this kit. However, if you’re a modeller with cash but without time to scratchbuild, but for some reason you have enough time to clean-up and customise this kit, then it’s a good product for you.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: PM 314
  Suggested Retail: €11.00
  Related Link: PlusModel
  PUBLISHED: Dec 22, 2008

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Good review Chas ... and you hit the nail on the head. This would be useful if there were four different sections ... with some damage .... even one or 2 with sandbags with gaps for rifle positions. I can see some simple sets useful, where time is saved, but these would be so easy to put together, add in some more varity and fit it your own base, than have to build around them. I think you were too generous, even, with 65%.
DEC 22, 2008 - 02:18 AM
Thanks for your opinion Frank. It was a struggle to find positives for this kit. Although it looks good as an undamaged, perfect trench structure, that's not what many modellers want. I chose not to rate it worse due to it being difficult for me to justify, because that's up to the individual modeller to decide and perhaps voice in this thread. Thanks again for your feedback, Chas
DEC 23, 2008 - 12:41 AM
another kit in the "why" category. A good review of a difficult product cheers Keith
DEC 23, 2008 - 12:53 AM

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