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U.S G.I (2) with shotgun
US Infantry Private (2) Shotgun Vietnam '68
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by: Jaymes crowther [ NEWFISH ]

Bravo 6 is currently creating a series of Vietnam 68 figures based on the movie “Platoon”. This figure is based on the character “Bunny”. The figure comes packed in a neat little brown box with an example of the figure painted that could be used as a painting guide for the figure.
The figure
The figure comes as a torso and two arms. A little bit of clean up is required around the neck, the shoulders and the bottom of the rucksack. The casting block on the bottom of the feet may make a convenient handle while painting the figure. The figure's pose depicts him just walking casually with his shotgun at his side and a cigarette in his other hand.
The casting on the figure is very fine! The finest I have seen. The figure sculpting in well done and detail is very sharp. The creases in the clothing are very realistic and very sharp. The webbing straps are crisp and not over scale.
The arms are cast on separate blocks. The right arm is cast with the shotgun in the figure's hand. The plugs on the shotgun and arm attaching them to the block are very fine and can simply be cut with a knife. Take care not to snap the shotgun barrel. The left hand is on the same block as the personal equipment. I broke it from the block simply by handling it.

the Equipment
The figure's personal equipment is cast on one single block which has two water bottles, an ammo pouch and a knife. They have no flash on them at all so the only cleaning required will be removing them from the block. Take care here once again because I snapped a water bottle off by handling it. There are no instruction on where to place the equipment so some reference might be needed or you can just personalize your figure.

The shotgun is molded into the figure's hand; the detail is superb and there is no evident flash or warping. The barrel is very fine so you have to be careful not to break it.
The helmet is cast separately to everything so leaving it off is an option. The detail on the helmet is a little soft I was quite disappointed with it compared to the rest of the figure. The casting block will also be hard to remove without damaging the helmet itself.
The Decals
A sheet of decals containing rank slides, name tags, and unit patches to attach onto the figure they are a smashing touch to the figure to personalize the figure. Other reviews of previous Bravo Vietnam figures have mentioned the decals being slightly yellow. My decals were fine so obviously they have sorted out that issue.
Overall another good figure from Bravo 6. There are some minor issues with the detail of the helmet and the some of the parts are fragile. However, fragile parts come with the territory when dealing with resin figure kits.
Highs: Superb cast figure with crisp casting and outstanding sculpting.
Lows: The helmet is detail wasn't as good as the rest of the figure.
Verdict: Another Superb figure to the Bravo 6 Vietnam range!
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: B6-35005
  Suggested Retail: £9.00
  PUBLISHED: Mar 11, 2009
  NATIONALITY: United States

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James, Firstly thanks for the review. Next, some comments on your review: You mentioned the details, but I noticed you glossed over the quality of the cast, which apart from probably being the most important part of the review makes me question the 97% rating you gave it. I noted in your pictures that there is pitting in the cast due to air bubbles. These can be seen on the jacket skirt, lower pockets, left sleeve, boots, and rucksack to name but a few spots I saw. Nor do you mention the casting seam visible on the right forearm. The figure's also got some fairly thick casting blocks. Be careful of making comments like "The finest I have seen", particularly when you have limited experience with resin figures Now I realise that the % rating is extremely subjective, but I really do feel that you've rated this figure too highly. IMO 95% and above are reserved for near perfect figures that satisfy both subject accuracy and quality of production. In this case the subject accuracy appears from other reviews and forum comments simply amazing, but the quality (although easily fixed with filler) is not IMO 97% worth. So what am I saying the long way round? All ways assess the quality of the product, and don't get trigger happy with that rating %. Overall though, for your first review it was a good effort. The text was generally well-written. The photo's were good and I like the fact that you used a solid colour backing. If you'd like to discuss your review further, I'd be happy to do so off-line - you know where to find me. Once again, thanks and well done on your first review. Rudi
MAR 11, 2009 - 11:02 AM
Thanks Rudi . I'd be happy to discuss this offline nothing like some expert guidance from somone expernced as your self!. I gave it a 97 becuase yes the Casting blocks are thick The parts come off really easy and You coul easily loose parts i was handling one of the blocks and one of his canteens flew off and took ages to find again . Thanks for the tip about the bubbles and the seem lines i noticed them but I simply forgot to mention them because i was trying simply to get everything on the Review . As for the glossyness of the cast I will make sure Its done in more detail!. As for the solid colour its actually my bedroom wall lol
MAR 11, 2009 - 11:39 AM

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