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Tribute to Nassyiria
Tribute to Nassyiria, 12 Nov 2003
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


Allarmi! Have released an Italian Military figure based on a photograph taken in Nassyiria in 2003, the study shows an Italian soldier with his right hand to his head as if in a state of shock or grief. On the 12th November 2003 in Nassyiria a suicide bomber attacked the headquarters of the Italian Carabinieri using a truck to carry the explosives, eighteen Italians and ten Iraqi civilians were killed in the attack, and nearly a hundred Italians and Iraqis were injured.


Allarmi! packs this figure in a very stiff card box which measures 100mm X 70mm X 25mm, the front of the box shows the figure assembled but in an unpainted state, along with its title and ID code. On one side is a warning in Italian and English that the product is not suitable for children under fourteen, the other lists contact details such as web site and E-mail to contact the manufacturer. Inside the box is the zip lock plastic bag containing the figure, and a piece of paper measuring 129mm X 95mm which provides a camouflage painting guide and displays the photograph that the study is based on.


The figure is molded in a light grey resin, and is made up of five pieces, the body, legs, and upper arms all come as one piece attached to a pour plug via the sole of the boots, a connection point that should make for ease of removal. The uniform is well detailed and appears accurate judging from photographs I have looked at online, there are some very nice undercuts at the waist of the figure making for a realistic appearance. I am unable to go into the chapter and verse of the uniform and body armour as I just donít know enough about the body armour, but as I said earlier it does look accurate.

The head is molded with the right hand resting on the helmet/head of the figure, the helmet is nicely molded with goggles shown attached. Now I have not owned many resin figures but in my opinion the face is not very well detailed, if this was an injected molded plastic figure I would say the detail is soft. This is not all bad news though as the lower right arm hides the face to a degree, and may be in part the reason the detail is not there. The hand on the helmet is very good in my opinion both in terms of scale and attention to detail, on the wrist of the right hand is a watch with a recess at the connection point to help hide the join made when attaching the lower right arm. A pour plug is attached to the base of the neck, with the neck being very short.

The lower left arm hangs down at his side holding a Beretta AR70 assault rifle, the rifle is again nicely detailed and is the solid stock version of the weapon. The muzzle of the weapon does not appear to be hollowed out at all, and should you wish to do this I fear a breakage will occur, it is also a risk which I feel need not be taken as the weapon is pointing at the ground. The lower left arm is to scale and is attached to the left hand, which is shown supporting the weight of the rifle by the magazine, the hand is again nicely detailed and proportioned. A pour plug is attached to the connection point of the lower arm and butt of the rifle.

The lower right arm is in scale for the figure, the pour plug for the lower right arm had broken away without causing any damage, and this I believe demonstrates just how fine the pour plug connection points can be. The last piece of this study is the side arm shown in its holster with no pour plug attached, this is a very diminutive piece that has been in my opinion beautifully sculpted but I cannot tell you which side arm it is as not enough of it is on show to identify.


A nicely detailed figure of a rarely modeled subject with the exception of the face detail which is soft in my opinion, the review sample I received had no air bubbles present and arrived as packed with the exception of the pour plug that had broken away.
Highs: Good attention to detail in most areas with no air bubbles present, and easy to separate from the pour plugs.
Lows: Soft detail on the face.
Verdict: A good resin figure of a rarely modeled subject in an interesting pose.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35040
  Suggested Retail: Eur15.00
  PUBLISHED: Mar 25, 2009

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A well written and fair review, Darren. Well done on your first figure review, mate
AUG 09, 2009 - 05:16 PM
Thank you Rudi.
AUG 09, 2009 - 06:25 PM

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