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Squadron Leader
RAF Squadron Leader
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by: Pat McGrath [ EXER ]


SKP have a small but useful range of Allied figures of which this is the latest. He represents a Squadron Leader of the RAF in a relaxed standing pose with one hand in his pocket and the other holding a mug. He wears the RAF service dress uniform complete with peaked cap. Over this he wears the Type LS Yellow inflatable lifejacket, while on his feet he wears the 1936 pattern sheepskin lined flying boots. No flying helmet is provided which would have been nice to have him either holding one, or to have provided a separate head wearing one.

The Kit

The figure comes in SKP’s nice little silver colored box with a colour photo of the painted figure on the top. I have to say the box art does not do the figure any justice. Inside, the figure is packed in a ziplock bag. Cast in a blue grey resin the figure consists of three parts: the main body including both arms and legs, the head and a separate left hand holding a tea mug. The figure is well cast with a little flash between the legs and no seam lines on the outside that I could find. The detail on the cap and face is excellent and the separate hand holding the mug is nicely detailed too.


As usual I cut the pieces from the casting plugs with a razor saw, though I left the casting plug on the main body to use as a handle while painting. After dry fitting the head and hand I used Loctite superglue to fix them in place. Looking at photos of the finished figure I think he looks slightly elongated and I might remove the head and trim the neck to avoid that slight giraffe look.
After washing the figure with some screen wash, I left it to dry before priming it with a matt black from a spray can. To make the detail show up better for the review I then sprayed the figure with a matt white from above.


I don’t know what suitable accompanying aircraft are available in 1/35 scale for this nicely detailed figure but he should go nicely with Masterbox’s planned C-47.

Highs: Very crisp casting and low price.
Lows: Figure looks slightly elongated to me. No flying helmet provided.
Verdict: A good crisp figure of a neglected subject
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: SKP 058
  Suggested Retail: €4.99
  PUBLISHED: Mar 27, 2009
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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I served three years in the Irish Army. Then I studied fine art for five years. Acted professionally since leaving college (Look me up on IMDB- Pat McGrathIII) Interested in Allied Armour 1942-45 and German SPGs. Other interests are figures and Sci Fi models

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Hi Pat, That's a pretty good looking figure, thanks for the review. Al
MAR 26, 2009 - 05:15 PM

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