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British Soldier Smoking
Wolf Ė UK/Canadian Infantryman smoking late WW2
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by: Alan McNeilly [ ALANL ]

This is the review of the last Wolf figure I have. Some reviews of Hornet figures to follow. A brief look at this chap, with a short summary on the 3 figures reviewed.
This is my third and last look for now at look at some of the range of figures from Wolf. I reviewed the British PIAT Team and a hyperlink to that review can be found here:

PIAT Review

I also reviewed Wolf's "Wounded Infantryman." That review can be be found here:

Wounded Infantryman Review

This time again a single figure, a relaxed looking WW2 UK/Canadian Infantry Soldier.

the figure
The figure comes in a sturdy and professional card board box. On the front is the makers name Wolf and a good colour picture of the completed figures to aid in painting. On the rear in several languages is a brief outline of what glue to use to make the figure with and some painting ideas, plus a warning that the figures are not recommend for under 14s and that chewing and swallowing them might be harmful!
The figure comes in separate strong plastic bag sealed with 2 staples. The figures have been laid length wise in the bags and the bags folded over for added strength and to stop the parts moving around.
Cast in a light gray resin the figure comes in 2 parts. The body, head and left arm are cast aw a whole whilst the right arms comes as a separate item. The standard of casting and detail is excellent and I could see no flaws or air bubbles in the final product. Other than a little clean up of flash and the removal of the pour stubs on his feet, this would be a very quick build. Whatís interesting about this figure is the order of dress and equipment. Working form the head down he wears what appears to be a Mk III camouflage helmet, the face has an interesting expression one between boredom and exasperation. The detail on both these parts is excellent. Moving to the upper body he is wearing an ORs (other ranks) collarless flannel shirt which is rolled up to the elbows. Over this he has a pair of braces and slung either side of his chest are two bandoleers of rifle ammunition, which both contain the correct number of pouches (5). Around his waste is a 37 pattern belt and the brasses are present on this both front and rear. Hanging from the belt is a bayonet frog containing the short stabbing bayonet. Also hanging form his waste on a lanyard is a very good representation of the small jack knife issued to all soldiers as part of their basic kit.
On his legs he wears a pair of Battle Dress trousers, all the pockets being present and in the correct place and a pair of anklets and ammo boots. Again the detail on these is excellent.
His right arms comes as a separate item, bent at the elbow in the act of smoking a cigarette (fag if you prefer).
Well all three figures I looked at were 1st class. What I particularly liked about them were the body proportions, and the way the uniforms were sculpted. To me at least they look just right. The heads needless to say were excellent too.
What I liked less was the price. I got these at least 2 years ago, for specific projects. At an average of £12.60 each these are some on the most expensive figures Iíve ever bought. Even taking into consideration the generally excellent quality this is a hefty price to pay for one figure and surely must have an impact on sales. I did in my case, I really like their figures, would have no hesitation in recommending them, but I was very choosy about what I purchased.
This was an easy review to write because the figure is just excellent. 1st class attention to detail; and his proportions (height, build etc) are just right.
Despite what might be considered by some a bit of a camp left arm I think this is a cracking figure, from the expression on his face to the level of detail on the uniform and the relaxed order of dress he looks every bit the relaxed, bored or exasperated chap he is.
He should be very usable to both diorama builder and figure painters alike.
Highs: Excellent sculpting, unusual order of dress and a fun pose. One of the best figures Iíve seen for a while.
Lows: For me cost.
Verdict: Highly Recommended
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: WAW 49
  Suggested Retail: £12.60 retail
  PUBLISHED: Apr 21, 2009
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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Hey Al, Another informative review. Nice figure but the cost is a bit shocking for one guy. Cheers jjumbo
APR 22, 2009 - 10:20 PM
Hi John, Thanks, I've had the Wolf digures for a good while now. I don't have many given the cost of the individual ones and the price is sky high. They are however, really 1st class, the body proportions and the way the uniforms fit are excellent. I'll probably change the somewhat camp arm on this one. They make for the stand alone figure marker mainly I believe, at leaset the Hornet figures are specifically marketed that way as they come in white metal, so their range of Brritsh subjects is quite small. I had a figure spree about 2 years ago, got sick of building stuff and not having figures on hand to choose from for the vehicles. Bought a selection from a variety of manufacturers to solve that problem and I'm only now starting to have a look inside the boxes. It's an area of modelling I'd like to get much better at, but like everything takes time to develop the skill. My interest in model soldiers must got back to when I was a kid, I was alwasy saving up for this or that figure Greying slightly but still young at heart. I suppose Cheers Al
APR 23, 2009 - 09:39 AM
I discovered that HLJ carries the whole Hornet line at lower prices than other stores. Figures go for $13.81 and the head sets are less than $10. http://www.hlj.com/hljlist2/?Maker1=HRN&MacroType=MilFig&GenreCode=Mil&Dis=2 Hisham
APR 24, 2009 - 07:49 PM
Hi Hisham, Thanks, I missed you original post. Here he is with some paint on, I added a pistol holster and small ammo pouch. linkname Historex have been running a Sale on Wolf figuers, might be worth checking out. http://www.historexagents.com/shop/hxsearchresults.php?SupplierCode=WM&xlink=eMail_WoLF No association to seller, just passing on the news. Al
NOV 02, 2011 - 09:39 PM

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