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Propaganda Posters

by: Scott Lodder [ SLODDER ]

ScaleCreations has put together a number of sheets of propaganda posters to add to dioramas. There are a wide variety of nationalities to the line. On top of that there are a wide range of posters within each nationality.

You should be able to find a poster or two or three to fit your needs on almost any front

The Posters
This review is specifically for the German posters - item 1156

When mine arrived in the mail they came in a sealed zip lock plastic bag sandwiched in a heavy card stock mailer. This should keep them safe during transit. They were well labeled and included brief notes about their use.

The first thing you notice when you open these is the lively color. The color is very bright and clear. Upon further inspection you see that the artwork on the posters is very well duplicated, right down to the text on the poster. I can read (well make out the letters, I don't know German) the second tag line of most of the posters.

The posters are printed on a nice heavier paper stock, which gives you a good feel while using them.

If you want to depict a damaged poster this can be done by bending and rolling the paper. I did this and the poster stayed true, the ink didn't get marred or destroyed in any way other than the desired affect. You can also tear the posters and the paper used replicates a torn poster very well.

Along the weathering line, you must use only pastels to weather these posters. You are warned that water will ruin the ink; this is the Only drawback I found. Note: be careful what glue you use, keep the water content low. Pastels adhere nicely and can be wiped off or wiped down to produce nice fading affects.

Overall these are very nice posters and are great for the price. Adding a poster to a diorama can bring a dull wall to life. These are an easy way to spruce up a scene.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 1156
  Suggested Retail: $2.95
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  PUBLISHED: Jun 17, 2004
  NATIONALITY: United States

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