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Mortar Carrier Stowage Set
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by: Alan McNeilly [ ALANL ]


Graham at Resicast has these last 18 months or so been providing follow up stowage sets for his range of carrier conversions. This I believe is an excellent idea and provides us, the modeler, with a much greater choice of finish. Set 35.2318 follows on in this vein providing enough additional stowage for two of the 3-inch Mortar Carrier No 1, Mk 1 vehicles. I recently reviewed this conversion set Here on Armorama.
Many of the war time photographs I have studied show carriers piled high with additional equipment and stores.

The Set

This set comes in the standard sturdy professional Resicast box with the stowage contained in 4 plastic zip bags. These are wrapped for extra protection in bubble wrap. On the front of the box is a picture of a carrier with some of the stowage added, along with the makers name.

In total you get 16 individual pieces of stowage including bulk items, individual items plus suspension units for that nose up effect often seen on well loaded vehicles. Also included is a 4 page A4 size of instructions suggesting some possible stowage combinations. Some sensible points about adding stowage, such as the need in some cases to add rope or show ammo boxes as welded down if appropriate, are also outlined. The items are cast in a light grey resin and all appeared to be well cast with excellent detail and no major flaws.
So lets have a look inside the bags.

Bag 1:
This contains 2 bulk stowage items, one of which is designed to sit tight to the rear bulkhead so you wont need to fit the mortar. This item contains a base plate at one end, water and ammo cans at the other and a large tarped area on top of which site a Bren ammo box. The tarp is roped down, see item T. The second bulk item is designed to sit at the rear of the carrier behind the mounted mortar. It contains a long rolled tarp at the bottom, spade, ranging poles and two hanging helmets, two 3-inch mortar ammo boxes on the top left and right respectively, and an ammo box in the middle. As this can be viewed from both sides, on the other side are 4 hung back packs. The main items are roped down, but you would need to add some straps/rope over the spades and ranging poles, see item S. Note: Care needs to be taken when removing this item from the plug, making sure you dont cut off or damage the supporting arms.

Bag 2:
This contains 10 items, some individual and some smaller bulk items. You get a set of stacked blankets/tarps, item U, while item V is more stacked blankets with a couple of mortar round tubes on top, both of these items could be used on the front of the carrier. Item P is more stacked blankets with a spare wheel on top and an ammo box to one side. Again this could be useful on the front of the carrier.

Item L is a stack of a box, blanket/tarp with a wooden case on top and a 3 inch mortar box on its side. This looks suitable for internal use within the carrier, or as stacked stores beside it. Item N is a small flat tarp with a dented 3-inch mortar round ammo box, and R is a replacement towing hook complete with hanging camouflage net. Rope is present around the net so its a nice easy addition. Item U is a small stack of blankets/tarps with a small dented box on top. A small folded blanked with a strap running across it is item O. Item K is a jerry can, and also contained in this bag is a medium size tarp with 3 straps complete with buckles.

Bag 3:
This contains item X which is a small stack of a box, 2 x 3-inch mortar boxes with 2 x wooden crates on top and will most likely be an internal item or a ground based item. Item Y is a stack of two 3inch mortar cases, one at angles with the other on top of what I think is a camouflage net with an early 6 pdr ammo box on top of that. Item Z is a roll of barbed wire and item Q is a plank of wood with two metal stakes for use on the front of the carrier as a retaining barrier. Items I and J contained in this bag are a towing hook part and reinforcement for part S.

Bag 4:
This contains 2 sets of the carrier suspension used to give the nose up effect on well loaded carriers.


Another excellent set of stowage items from Resicast. Excellently cast with lots of great detail. Whilst some items are specific to the Mk I Mortar Carrier, others could be used on other vehicles or as free standing ground items. The mix and match will be up to you, but there is plenty to choose from and there should be something to suit most everyones tastes. Remember, when adding any of the Resicast additional stowage items that some parts of the main carrier build might not be necessary, so check your instructions first.

From a personal point of view I love these sets, they have offered a range of additional stowage items not previously available and fit well with the war time images I have seen of carriers, packed to the hilt with additional stores and kit. There is a good selection of items in terms of boxes, blankets and tarps and I really like the plank and wedges for the front of the carrier. The inclusion of the low suspension units is very appropriate for this set and a nice bonus.

Some of the items could be used free standing around the parked vehicle or on alternative vehicles so again there is scope on how you decide to deploy the kit. With enough for 2 vehicles and probably some left over, this is another very useful and welcome set. This is not a must have set but will certainly add interest and variety to any 3in Mortar Carrier you build. It has enough additional generic uses to make this a very useable set for both vehicle and diorama builders alike.

My thanks to Resicast for the review sample.
Highs: With enough stowage for 2 vehicles and a bit more, this should be a very useable set of accessories for the 3-inch Mortar Carrier No1, Mk 1 and still have enough versatility for other generic uses.
Lows: None that I can think of.
Verdict: Highly Recommended.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 53.2318
  Suggested Retail: see site
  PUBLISHED: Jul 18, 2009
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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Hey Al, Another nice review !! My Dad used to say that the UC's were a wee unstable and that their suspension was the weak point. Being a bit top heavy, they were very easily overloaded and prone to track breakage. Good to see Resicast included the compressed suspension components for that nose up or ass dragging look !! Cheers jjumbo
JUL 21, 2009 - 07:40 AM
Hi John, Yes, that sounds right. I suspect you either love them or hate them lol, lol but the varients are wide and many. It was a real work-horse across the army. I like the vehicle stowage set idea, You just need to plan in advance if you intend to use them. Cheers Al
JUL 22, 2009 - 04:35 AM

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