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MAZ 537G
Soviet Tank Transporter in Detail: MAZ-537G with MAZ/ChMZAP-5247G Semitrailer
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by: Jurjen Zuijdendorp [ JURJEN ]


This Tankograd publication depicts the MAZ-537G with the MAZ/ChMZAP-5247G Semitrailer and provides a detailed close-up study for the technical enthusiast and modeller. The publication consist of 64 full coloured pages with 255 colour photographs and captions in German and English language.

the book

The publication starts with a short historical background and a short technical overview of the MAZ 537G truck. Only one vehicle is used for the photographs and it would have been a nice addition if the author had included a short background of the vehicle itself. Only the caption on page 5 reveals some information that the shown truck is in Ukranian service. The overall photo quality is good but the larger photos, which show the entire vehicle, are a bit grainy. Examples are found on page 3 and 4 and it would have been nice if these photos were a bit sharper. The close up photos are good.
The publication consists of the following chapters;

MAZ 537G Tractor Truck
•Overall view (4 pages)
•Tractor Truck: Cab Front (3 pages)
•Tractor Truck: Cab Left (3 pages)
•Tractor Truck: Chassis Rear (7 pages)
•Tractor Truck: Cab Right (4 pages)
•Tractor Truck: Engine & Winch (10 pages)
•Tractor Truck: Cab Interior (7 pages)

MAZ/ChMZAP 5247G 50-tonne Semitrailer
•Overall view (4 pages)
•Semitrailer: Gooseneck (8 pages)
•Semitrailer: Loading Bay (4 pages)
•Semitrailer: Rear Axles (3 pages)
•Semitrailer: Load Ramp (5 pages)

The photos show a very worn and weathered vehicle which is very interesting for the modeller. Especially the rear chassis is very interesting because of the combination of mud, rust, oil grease and the original paint. Very useful to the modeller! Much attention is given to the engine & winch and these photos are useful for the technical enthusiasts, however, the photos depicting the engine could have used more captions to provide extra information.

One of the benefits of buying a publication instead of searching for photos on the internet, is that you get photos which are very rare. The same applies to the cab interior photos. The cabin is in good condition and the captions provide useful additional information.

The second part of the publication is about the semi trailer. Many photos are used to capture every part of the trailer, even the bottom. The photos are (again) very useful to the modeler. Like the use of wooden planks between the two beams. These kind of information can add a lot of visual interest to the model.


This publication is useful for the modeler as it provides many detailed (close up) photos which you can not find on the internet. Does it have the same usability for the technical enthusiast? I have my doubts because you would at least expect technical (scale) drawings and technical information. The captions are descriptive which is useful for a better understanding of the photo, but for the real technical enthusiast an additional technical manual would be of more use. As I built a MAZ tractor myself I have found this publication very useful and it is a must have if you want to add extra detail to the model.

Highly recommended!
Highs: A good source of rare and useful photographs depicting the MAZ 537G with trailer.
Lows: Larger photos are not as sharp as the close up photos. Lack of scale drawings.
Verdict: This publication is a must have for the MAZ transporter enthusiast. Many detailed photos and additional captions provide a good source for the modeler.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: Other
  Mfg. ID: Nr. 2005
  Suggested Retail: Euro: 14.95
  Related Link: Tankograd Publishing
  PUBLISHED: Jul 12, 2009

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