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SS Grenadier Team
German SS Grenadier Team
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by: Alexandre D. [ KAISERINE ]


The M42 fur-lined anorak (which buttoned halfway down) was the most dominant Winter clothing item for Waffen SS divisions who fought in the East during WW II. Evolution Miniatures and its owner, sculptor Sergey Traviansky (screen name Menelay here on Armorama), have released three separate 1/35th-scale resin figures wearing this distinctive parka: an officer (item #35005) and two Panzer Grenadiers (35006 & 35007).

The Figures

All three figures are wearing the M42 anorak, often called the “Kharkov parka,” and early pattern winter boots. They're portrayed in neutral stances, and each comes in a plastic cylindrical box with a box-art painted by Sergey Traviansky. The box also contains a painting guide printed on glossy photo paper and showing the figure front and back.

EM 35005: German SS Officer

The figure is shown holding binoculars and armed with Russian PPSh41.In addition to the M42 and boots, he has been sculpted with woolen gloves and a scarf. Attached to his SS leather belt is a pistol holster and PPSh41 pouch. Additional details include an officer map case and the M1931 field flask. Under his Stahlhelm he wears a woolen toque, and has puffy winter trousers.

The figure comes in two zip baggies, the first with the main body, and the other with separate parts such as the left arm, head, field flask and hands, both moulded with the pistol (right) and binoculars (left). The fit seems to be perfect. The whole figure shows excellent sculpting and casting, with a moulding block under the boots that is so easy to remove. Clean-up is minimal except for the PPSh41 trigger. Detailing is great, especially the fur texture, the clothing folds and the facial expression.

EM 35006: German SS Grenadier

This figure portrays a regular SS Grenadier issued with Kar98 rifle, stick grenade and M1939 egg grenade attached to a rifle pouch strap. Also wearing the “Kharkov parka,” woolen toque, winter trousers and boots, he's holding the eyeshade of his M43 SS field cap. Other equipment includes the M1931 bread bag, small entrenching tool, bayonet and M1938 gasmask in its metal canister. On his belt are two rifle ammunition pouches and the common stick grenade.

This figure comes in two zip baggies, too, with the first containing the body and the head, while the other includes the Kar98 and the moulded hand (right), gasmask, field flask and entrenching tool. Detailing is excellent , but requires a bit of cleaning-up on the bread bag and trousers.

EM 35007: German SS Grenadier (2)

The last figure portrays an SS Grenadier wearing a white snow-suit over his M42 fur-lined anorak with both hoods up in a frozen neutral pose. He has the issued Kar98 rifle, ammo pouches, shovel in SS leather belt, M1931 bread bag, field flask and mess kit. Again, the sculpting here is stunning, with great facial expression and very realistic clothing folds. Minimum cleaning is needed, as the figure comes in one main part. Only a hand, the rifle, and the field flask and mess kit are separate parts. The moulding block seems easy to remove under the boots.

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Highs: A masterful sculpted work with unusual & original point of view on a déjà-vu subject. Excellent texture and easy assembly.
Lows: Although the poses are great, some armor modellers might prefer action poses to go with their AFV.
Verdict: Virtually no negative points, except a bit of clean-up on one figure. Can be used in every Eastern Front Winter setting from 1943-45, including Kharkov and Lake Balaton (Hungary).
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: EM35005-7
  Suggested Retail: $14.95
  Related Link: website
  PUBLISHED: Jul 25, 2009

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Thanks for the review, Alexandre - and congrats on your first Rudi
JUL 28, 2009 - 12:22 PM
le modelle est tres beau , je cherche à acheter des figurines de cette marque , aupres de quel revendeur l'avez vous achetez ? si vous pouviez me renseigner cela serait sympa , merci d'avance
OCT 04, 2009 - 06:38 AM

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