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Eduard PE for Opel Blitz
Eduard PE for Opel Blitz 3(t) type S for Italeri kit
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by: Karel K. [ FUSSBALL ]

The Opel Blitz kit from Italeri has been around for quite a long time, and the details on it are showing their age. Luckily for us, many aftermarket companies have released different sets to bring it up to date. This review will be about the photo etch set from Eduard.The PE set comes in a usual Eduard packaging. The set includes two frets of PE, a tiny sheet of film and the instructions.
The Set
This set really upgrades the cab interior. It replaces all the dashboard details and door handles, adds the pedals that are just raised lumps in the kit and many more. The film for the instrument dials is also used in this step. The interior parts are really small and most of them need to be folded, so some experience with PE is needed here. For the engine compartment, there is piece to add to the radiator and a cooling fan to replace the kit's undersized one.

Moving on to the cab exterior, even more details are added here. Here we can add the missing front quarter panels to the windows in the doors, add the windscreen wipers and replace door handles. Also included are side steps with nice non slip detail that the kit steps do not have, hood clamps, front light and Notek blackout light holders. There are also rear view mirrors but the mirror bars are flat so I suggest replacing them with some wire. There are brackets and clips for all the tools that will need careful folding.

Lastly, we have the parts for the cargo bed. We can add mud flaps to the rear fenders and a very detailed rear number plate, convoy light and tail light piece. There are new frames for all the storage lockers and also one storage box that is missing altogether from the kit. All these parts will need to be folded. In addition there are many small parts for detailing the storage lockers like padlocks and hinges.
To sum up, I think itís a very good photo etch set from Eduard. I recommend it to everyone who wants to detail up their Italeri Opel Blitz.
Highs: Inexpensive. Adds many of the missing details to the Italeri kit.
Lows: Folding the small brackets and clips may be difficult for beginners who have limited experience with PE.
Verdict: Nice, inexpensive PE set for detailing the Italeri Opel Blitz. Recommended.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35154
  Suggested Retail: $12 USD
  PUBLISHED: Aug 21, 2009

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