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Photo Etch for Searchlight Car
Metal Parts, sWS 60cm Infrared Searchlight Carrier “UHU”
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by: Charles Reading [ CREADING ]

Great Wall Hobby a.k.a. Lion Roar’s recent release of the sWS 60cm Infrared Searchlight Carrier ‘Uhu’ (L2511) was closely followed (maybe a matter of days?) with the Great Wall / Lion Roar Photo Etch Upgrade set. The detail level of L3511 is very good so one might ask why is this upgrade set necessary? Well, Great Wall/Lion Roar apparently looked closely to see what could be done to enhance an already very well done kit and came up with a pretty nice photo-etch set. Although the L3511kit includes two small PE frets, Lion Roar has not duplicated anything in the upgrade as the original kit PE focus is mainly on the spotlight. The upgrade focus is on the vehicle.
the set
Housed in a typical PE plastic sleeve the set comes with three photo-etch frets, frets ‘A’ and ‘C’ being 2.5X 5” and Fret ‘B’ being 2.25X4.25”. There is a small sealed bag containing two turned brass width indicators.
Fret ‘A’ has various tool clamps, radio frame and face, miscellaneous small parts.
Fret ‘B’ has all the floor pieces.
Fret ‘C’ has hinges, locks, chains mud flaps, storage area doors and various body frame parts
And as mentioned before, two nicely machined brass width indicators for the fenders.

Over all, this upgrade adds to the kit’s already nicely detailed pieces. The tool storage doors for instance are very nice on the kit but somewhat uniform in the molding (all the locks hang exactly alike). The upgrade allows some variance and provides the chain to secure the locks to the doors when in the off position.
The pioneer tool kit parts have the securing latches molded on so if you choose to use the upgrade you will have to either remove the molded parts or replace the tools.
The kit has a control panel for the spotlight located in the fighting compartment area - there is no photo-etch detail for this piece (D-11) although the upgrade provides detail for the radio and radio rack which are located in the drivers compartment.
The brass sheet stock Lion Roar uses falls in between Aber & Eduard in terms of workability.
While all the major PE companies are worlds better than their original offerings, Lion Roar is some what easier bent into shape than Aber PE and although fragile, (as all photo-etch) with care, it doesn’t seem to be as easily damaged as Eduard PE. The individual parts design (clamps, etc) are pretty universal between all the companies and thus assembly is quite similar if not the same..

For a review of the base kit click on the link below:

UHU Kit review
Highs: Adds a higher level of detail on an already very detailed kit. Reasonable price.
Lows: No dashboard or PE to replace the molded on gauges. Detail added to select areas, some areas like the vehicle’s Infrared Optical gear and suspension are neglected.
Verdict: If you’re going all out (and if you’ve bought the Great Wall kit your better than half way there) this upgrade is a very nice addition. The storage unit doors alone are a good reason to get the upgrade set
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: L3511-T
  Suggested Retail: $17.95
  PUBLISHED: Oct 15, 2009

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