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WW2 German propaganda posters in Serbia

by: Pawel Krupowicz [ VODNIK ]

OLUJ D-tails are a small company from Serbia and judging from the catalogue number, product reviewed here was their first. It is a set of 18 World War 2 propaganda posters from German occupied Serbia. As a historical background I will just quote what is written on the small instruction sheet:

"As a part of the war propaganda which Third Reich established in the occupied Serbia, poster was linked to other propaganda tools fulfilling political and ideological standards in the occupied Serbia. Posters combined strong visual effect, usually giving a simple vision of the enemy and its aims. Together with aiming of the enemy : anti-Soviet, anti-Allied, anti-Jewish and anti-resistance (Partisans and Chetniks ), German war poster suggested the advantages of the new political and social models that were offered by Third Reich's new European order. Usually posters were printed in 20 000 and some of them reached no less than 100 000 prints."

Posters are packed in a zip-bag and come with a small instruction sheet, in which aside from historical note quoted above, are instructions for use of posters. A square piece of cardboard is inserted into the zip-bag , protecting posters from getting crumpled during shipment. Instructions are short, because using this product is not a rocket science - you just cut out the poster you need and glue it in place on your diorama with PVA (white) glue. If you want more weathered look instructions tell you to wrinkle poster and soak it in PVA-water solution and let it dry. Inscription on the sheet on which posters are printed says that water proof ink was used to print them, and after making a little test I can now confirm that.

Posters are well printed with rich colors and without any color register problems. Some printing resolution limitations are noticeable if you look at posters at extreme close-up, but it is not a problem at all if you look at them from normal viewing distance.

Artwork on posters is rather eloquent on its own and all slogans printed are in Serbian language. Most slogans and inscriptions are legible, provided you know Serbian.

OLUJ D-tails propaganda posters are definitely interesting item and can add some colorful accent to a diorama, but they are a niche product. They can only be used in dioramas placed in German occupied Serbia and I'm afraid not much such dioramas are built. But on the other hand, maybe those posters would inspire some modeler to recreate in scale some scene from war-torn Yugoslavia.
OLUJ D-tails offer one more similar set of propaganda posters (cat. No. 002), which can be seen on this website: http://www.yumodel.co.yu/dromaderi/posteri.htm.

Many thanks to Aleksandar Mladenovic of OLUJ D-tails for review sample.

If you are interested in purchasing this product contact Aleksandar at this email address: [email protected]. The price of single set is very attractive at US $3.00, including worldwide postage costs!
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 001
  Suggested Retail: US $3.00
  PUBLISHED: Jul 08, 2004
  NATIONALITY: United States

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