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Upgrade Set for AFV Club T-34
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by: Ted Hayward [ TED_HAYWARD ]


The biggest aspect of the AFV Club T-34/76 kit (Item AF 35143) to be addressed, the fenders, are now of the correct scale thickness in photo-etched brass, and can be suitably beaten-up for a more realistic appearance. The same battered look may now also be applied to the external fuel tanks.

As well as PE fenders, tool boxes, external fuel tanks and brackets, this set includes details such as a new saw and brackets (not shown in the directions), securing straps for the spare track plates (done in a matte parkerized finish to replicate leather) tie-down eyelets, face-plate for the bow machine-gun, and resin tow-shackles, to name a few.

This set also includes more detailed engine deck cooling grates (built-up from rod and flat parts), hasps and hinges for the tool boxes, fuel filler caps, and radio antenna. The only component lacking in this set would be the backs of the internal fuel tanks, omitted from the AFV Club kit. No interior parts are included in this set, not that the kit really needs any (I simply painted the exterior hull of my T-34/76 past the point of the internal fuel tanks).

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Today it seems that the after-market accessory manufacturers produce something for every new kit released, but this is so far the best available for the recent T-34/76 kit from AFV Club. Also available from Orange Hobby is a set of PE appliqué armor plates for the T-34/76. Already offering a detail set for AFV Club’s Churchill kit, this new Chinese company provides a range of PE accessories for both the Tamiya and Dragon Panzer IV kits, also. Though it would certainly be advantageous to use a PE bending machine, I easily managed without. Anyone with previous photo-etched parts experience should have no difficulty with this set.

I had a good time adding these details to my finished T-34/76 over the course of a weekend, letting me enjoy this excellent kit again, without re-building it. This set adds another dimension to an already great kit, and a level of detail that cannot be paralleled in plastic.


Mythical Weapon (Airconnection Publishing), by Robert Michulec.

Follow the step-by-step build of my T-34/76 (item AF 35143) in my Build Log.

Highs: A level of detail that cannot be paralleled in plastic. Anyone with previous photo-etched parts experience should have no difficulty with this set.
Lows: No interior parts included.
Verdict: Recommended.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: Item G35-027-128
  Suggested Retail: tba
  PUBLISHED: Oct 30, 2009

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