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MRAP Modern U.S. Army Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles
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by: Brent Sauer [ SGTSAUER ]


Tankograd Publishing has long been known for the quality of their reference publications. They have maintained their high quality with this new release. This publication covers the highly publicized, yet obscure family of MRAP’s (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicles currently in front line us by the United States military. Although the title states “Modern U.S. Army Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles”, it contains data and photographs on MRAP’s in use by the U.S. Marines, Air Force and Navy.


MRAP Modern U.S. Army Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles is a soft bound publication authored by Carl Schulze. The front and rear covers are printed on heavy stock with a glossy finish and illustrations. The book is bilingual consisting of German and English text/captions. The book has 64 pages containing 117 color photographs that are printed on heavy paper with a glossy finish.

The assortment of illustrations are of high quality and clarity. The author has done a good job of visually representing both development vehicles and vehicles currently in use.

In Depth

The book contains 7 chapters:
1. MRAP history, development and prototypes
2. MaxxPro, MaxxPro MEAP, MaxxPro-Plus, MaxxPro Dash
3. Caiman-Caiman Plus
4. RG-31
5. RG33-RG33L, RG33L Plus-HAGA
6. Cougar 4x4-Cougar 6x6
7. Buffalo MP/CV

MRAP History, Development and Prototypes:
The section covering the history, development and prototypes of MRAP vehicles contains the following sub-chapters of text covering 10 pages.
● MRAP Program and Catagories:
• Category I Urban Combat Operations
• Category II Multi-Mission Operations
• Category III Mine/IED Missions
● Required Quantity of MRAP Vehicles
● MRAP Orders, Production and Fielding
● Survivability, Disadvantages and Improvements
● MRAP Recovery Vehicle
● MRAP II Program
● MRAP All Terrain Vehicle Program

MaxxPro, MaxxPro MEAP, MaxxPro-Plus, MaxxPro Dash:
This chapter (pages 12-21) covers the MaxxPro family of MRAP’s designed and manufactured by International Military and Government LLC. The vehicle name MaxxPro stands for Maximum Protection. The MaxxPro family includes:
● MaxxPro….Basic Model.
● MaxxPro-Plus….Modified and upgraded version of the MaxxPro.
● MaxxPro-Dash….Lighter, smaller and more mobile version.
Sub-variants are:
• MaxxPro Ambulance
• MaxxPro Air Force

All photographs in this section are “in-action” type photographs.

Caiman-Caiman Plus:
This section (pages 22-28) covers Caiman MRAP developed by Stewart & Stevenson (manufacturers of the FMTV/LMTV series of trucks). The Caiman family of vehicles is actually based on the chassis of the FMTV family of vehicles. An interesting note is that the Caiman has 85% part commonality with the FMTV series. The difference between the Caiman and the Caiman Plus vehicle is the addition of passive appliqué armor added to the Caiman Plus.

Pages 29-36 covers the RG-31 Medium Mine Protected Vehicle. The vehicle was designed in the 1990’s by Olifant Manufacturing Company of South Africa. The RG-31 is a purpose built vehicle designed for operations in high mine threat environments.

RG33, RG33L, RG33L Plus and HAGA (Heavy Armored Ground Ambulance):
This section covers the RG33 family of vehicles designed and manufactured by BAE Ground Systems. That family of vehicles consists of both 4x4 and 6x6 variants. This chapter spans pages 37-49.

Cougar 4x4-Cougar 6x6:
This 7 page section covers the Cougar family of vehicles designed by Technical Solutions Group Incorporated. In 2002, TSGI was purchased by a speed boat manufacturer and changed the company name to Force Protection Industries Incorporated. The Cougar family of vehicles consists of a Category I 4x4 MRAP and a Category II 6x6 MRAP. Variants are:
● Troop Carrier
● Patrol Vehicle
● Joint EOD Rapid Response Vehicle (JERRV)
● Hardened Engineer Vehicle (HEV)

Buffalo MP/CV:
Pages 57-64 covers the Buffalo Mine Protected/Clearance Vehicle family of MRAP’s. It is the only type of vehicle procured under the Category III program. The first Buffalo’s were procured well ahead of the Iraq conflict.


The author has done an incredible job of compiling a broad range of information on the MRAP systems currently in use by the U.S. military. Mr. Schulze has provided a good basis of information to develop a general knowledge of the MRAP program and the vehicles currently being used.

What I really like about this book is detailed photographs throughout. You get several detailed looks at some of the supplemental vehicle systems such as the Rhino Counter IED system, Warlock Duke CREW (Counter Remote Control Improvised Explosive Device Electronic Warfare) system, Objective Gunner Protection Kit (O-GPK), Overhead Wire Mitigation Kit, Self Protection Adaptive Roller Kit (SPARK), various appliqué armor systems, slat armor, Vehicle Optic Sensor System (VOSS), Cyclone Debris Blower, XM153 Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station II (CROWS II), M151 Protector Remote Weapon system, and the USMC Mine Roller System (MRS).

If you are wanting a highly detailed, technical discussion of MRAP variants, this book is not for you. If you want to develop a general knowledge of the variants of the MRAP family and get an excellent photographic presentation that illustrates the operational use of all the MRAP systems, you can’t go wrong with this book.

Now, if we could just get the model manufacturers to produce these important systems in kit form!!
Highs: A good range of information that covers the entire MRAP program. Excellent source of information for someone who is not familiar with MRAP's. Great variety of high quality photographs.
Lows: Not much detailed information. Leaves you wanting to know more about each type of vehicle.
Verdict: Overall this is a great book about the MRAP program. There isn't much information currently published and this is a good one-stop source of information and photographs.
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  PUBLISHED: Dec 14, 2009
  NATIONALITY: United States

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