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Sparmax Airbrush Cleaning Pot
Sparmax Airbrush Cleaning Pot
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by: Nathan Ram [ METOOSHELAH ]


In our hobby, we find ourselves using some hazardous materials such as paints, adhesives and the likes. The most annoying in my opinion is paint thinner: not only does one use it to thin paints, but also to clean one’s airbrush. This is most noticeable while using your airbrush to paint models with two or more colors requiring you to switch paints, such as two-tone camouflage. Between each color, you need to spray thinner to clean out the previous paint, in a rather smelly and health-compromising way.

To address this matter you now have the Sparmax airbrush cleaning pot. Instead of spraying thinner, airbrush cleaning solution, etc. into the air, you can pop your airbrush into the pot, spray, and keep yourself in a healthier, odorless environment.


The cleaning pot comes in a cardboard box with and exploded picture so you’ll get all the parts right. The pot itself is made out of glass, which gives it a nice stability on the work bench. Moreover, with a capacity of 700 cc (around 23.5 US fluid ounces), it’ll last through several paint jobs without the worry of having to empty it. The top is made from solvent-resistant plastic (or so box claims, though I have no reason to suspect otherwise). The airbrush holder is made from metal with a plastic cover to protect the airbrush, and a metal “foot” to add to the stability of the pot. All of those fold very nicely into a supplied plastic jar, so you can store the whole thing after you have finished painting if you are short on work bench space.

It also includes 2 spare filters, and a spare rubber hole (marked as ‘airbrush holder’ in the diagram; basically, it’s the hole your airbrush tip goes into) to replace the one that comes already installed in the, to prevent access fumes from escaping.

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I found this tool a needed addition to any workbench, no matter if you paint your models indoors or out. Even when you do your painting outside, you get fumes around you, and that’s not a pleasant experience. If you are painting indoors, this tool is certainly a must, especially if you have other people in your house (family etc.) who would probably be very annoyed by fumes and smells. It also serves as a very nice and useful airbrush holder-- my Iwata hp-c fit inside very nicely and steadily. I haven’t tested it with a siphon feed, as I don’t own one, but the caption on the box says that it will work in that set-up.

I have tested the cleaning pot with some thinner, and it did hold all the fumes inside. Note: when you clean your airbrush, it also functions as a stopper to the rubber airbrush holder. When you remove the airbrush to continue painting, some of the fumes may run through it. Thing is, there is no stopper supplied with the pot, so when you take out your airbrush, fumes may run out. To prevent that, I just put some cotton wool curled inside the hole.


Bottom line: it’s a recommended tool. The volume of the pot is large enough to enable you to clean your airbrush through multiple colors paint jobs, and through different jobs altogether. Filter will probably last you for quite some time, and Sparmax are generous enough to supply you with 2 spare ones. Moreover, the addition of the rubber hole (again, marked as ‘airbrush holder’ on the diagram) will make sure when you put your airbrush through it, that all the fumes will stay locked inside (and you get a spare one, too!). Moreover, the pot comes with an airbrush stand or holder attachment, so it’ll save you money on buying that item.

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Highs: Very stable with spare parts supplied. Large capacity will last you through several paint jobs. Has a holder for your brush. Dis-assembles nicely into supplied plastic jar if you are short on work space. Will keep the stench away.
Lows: No stopper to the 'rubber hole' so some fumes might run through it when AB is not inside.
Verdict: Very recommended. Missing stopper is not a "deal breaker" considering it's benefits.
  Scale: Other
  Mfg. ID: SCP 700
  Suggested Retail: £14.98
  PUBLISHED: Dec 21, 2009

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Thanks Matan, good review. Well balanced and informative. This looks like a well built tool at a very fair price. Thanks.
DEC 21, 2009 - 07:09 AM
Thanks Matthew
DEC 21, 2009 - 02:39 PM
I agree it is a very good product. I was able to purchase one at my local Hobby Lobby for 15 USD with a discount. Like it much more that my old Testors/Aztec cleaner.
DEC 23, 2009 - 09:57 AM
I have one and it's pretty nice. The plastic case is great for soaking AB parts in thinner too, as I don't know why you would want to put the cleaning pot in it anyway. Evan
JAN 03, 2010 - 02:31 PM

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