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German Water Can 18 Liters
Plus Model German Water Can 18 Liters
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by: Robert Card [ BOBCARD ]


During WWII the Germans used what was referred to by the British as the Jerry Can. Used for both water and petrol, this robust container was made from pressed steel and was large enough to contain 20 liters of fluid. It was produced by the millions, and was prized during the war by both the Axis and Allied Armies. The British went as far as duplicating the design for their own use, since their "flimsies" were notoriously poor quality. This was the main container used by the Germans for transporting their water and petrol.

Plus Model has now released a set of German WW II 18 litre water cans.

The set contains six resin cans with hand-holds, strap-holds and a capped spout. Each can has a metal molded covering, and shows folds or indentations as if there were a canvas or cloth covering. However, no discernable creases or the end of the covering can be detected.

the review

Unfortunately, I could not find a single photo reference for this item anywhere on the internet. Numerous ones for water containers, mainly the “Jerry can” but none that looked like the one depicted. I did run across a reference that stated the German Medical Corps used an “18 Liter container”, but I have no idea what it looked like and no description was provided.

The molding is very good, and the molding block is situated on the bottom of the item, making it easily removed and cleaned-up. But on every single can in the kit, one of the two hand-holds had broken off, and I could only find two in the package. Some of the cans also were missing strap holders. They were not in the package, and might be a problem in the mould. However, some did have all of the holds.

Both the hand-holds and the strap-holders should be easily replaced by the modeler using wire, so this is not a catastrophe. But you would expect these to be correct and all items attached, or at least have the broken pieces in the package so they can be re-attached. I believe the problem here is the packaging: the items are packed loose in a plastic sleeve with nothing protecting the items at all.


Since the container cannot be confirmed as being an actual Water can used by the Germans it might not be prudent to use as cargo or stowage aboard a WWII display. However, for general usage or filler it would work great. If anyone is able to provide a suitable reference showing this items being used during WWII, I would be more than happy to adjust this review. They are molded with minimum clean up and if a bit more packaging material was used to protect the handles, they would make excellent additions to any diorama.
Highs: Nice quality resin, no holes or bubbles, casting blocks easily removed.
Lows: Unknown whether they are really German water containers or not. Holds broken-off and not in packaging. Packaging could be better.
Verdict: Nice little containers that can be used as stowage on WWII AFV's, but still unsure if applicable or not.
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  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: EL013
  Suggested Retail: $4.99
  PUBLISHED: Jan 23, 2010

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These were used extensively by the Afrika Korps, Dragon actually made some with their DAK troops kit. Usually they are dark yellow and stencilled "trinkwasser 18l". Not too sure what's up with the ugly speckled black paint job on the Plus kit. A specimen can be viewed on the Tennant's Auctioneer website - just google image Afrika Korps water container, if you have trouble finding it....HTH ..Also it looks like the finish is quite rough as opposed to the smooth metal of the real thing, and it looks like Plus has made the grab handles as a 'solid" item..if so, the DML ones are a much nicer offering, if you can find they come with the correct markings...
JAN 23, 2010 - 11:14 AM
You just never know. Searched for everything but that. Here is what they look like from the Techmili Web Site Very few items listed at all. So it looks like they should be fine to use as stowage for North Africa, just have to smooth them out to look like smooth metal. Not to mention the markings on the cans. Thanks Julian for finding them. Bob
JAN 23, 2010 - 05:33 PM
Very interesting pic - looks like a 'runner" would wear it as a backpack, I imagine him running in sand trenches, handing out H2O...I have to say the DML offering is much better regarding detail, markings,etc. The finish on the Plus kit looks realy rough, and what with the solid handles and the high cost of resin, I'd sooner seek out the DML offerings...
JAN 23, 2010 - 06:59 PM
I am glad you raised the point about packaging Bob as a few companies seem to be overlooking the packaging of expensive parts, in some cases in packaging with little or no protection.
JAN 23, 2010 - 06:59 PM

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