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M2HB set of 4 metal barrels
American M2 12.7mm (Cal 50) HB Machine Gun Barrel (4n1)
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by: Andy Renshaw [ SKYHAWK ]


Griffon Models has consistently released small, affordable, but highly effect upgrades for various aspects of certain kits. Many of these small sets come from larger “full detail” sets that they produce. This set, LB35024, gives the modeler some very useful items to dress up and super detail the M2HB 50 cal machine gun.


The set comes in a small blister pack with a bag containing some plastic rod, four turned brass barrels, four cooling jackets, and a small photo-etch fret. The barrels are excellent, with hollow muzzle ends, slightly tapered barrels, and the receiver end has an integral mounting post to facilitate mounting into the plastic kit receiver. The photoetch fret comes with parts to replace the handles and firing trigger, sights, and a barrel changing handle. There are enough parts to dress up four complete M2 machine guns.

The barrels are 28mm long, which scales out to 38.57”. A full M2HB barrel is 45”, however this includes the portion that threads into the receiver, which is about 6.5” worth of barrel, so the Griffon barrels scale out to the right length when installed. They are very nicely detailed with hollow muzzle ends, and all the correct details from what I can see from photos and memory of having mounted the M2HB countless times.

On to the cooling jacket, it is also of the same high quality and has the correct number of holes in the right pattern. Additionally, it fits very snugly over the barrel for a perfect, centered fit.

I mounted a barrel onto an Academy kit part. I merely removed the kit barrel (which was too long), then drilled a small hole in the center of the receiver where the mounting post on the new brass barrel would slip into. I slid the cooling jacket over the barrel, then pushed the assembly into the receiver. Instantly the gun is improved! Total time for this was less than five minutes. Add the photoetch parts, and we wouldn’t ever know that this started as an Academy plastic M2.

One item that could use improvement on the photoetch parts is the barrel changing handle, which if mounting on the M16 you shouldn’t use. The changing handle, like in most photo etched sets, is very flat. I would recommend building up the handle itself with putty to get a more 3-D appearance.


Overall, very nice set and will do well with those who have a M16, or want to dress up other M2HB machine guns on other kits. Highly recommended!
Highs: Outstanding detail, and will dress up any M2HB machine gun.
Lows: None really!
Verdict: Highly recommended to anybody that builds vehicles with mounted 50cal machine guns!
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: LB35024
  Suggested Retail: $37.95
  PUBLISHED: Mar 07, 2010
  NATIONALITY: United States

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About Andy Renshaw (skyhawk)

I started modeling around 8 years old when my dad bought me a Monogram 1/48 A-7. We built that together, and after that he turned me loose. Along with armor and figures, I also enjoy building aircraft and trains (model railroading), and tend to cycle between the genres. Recently married, I have...

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I'm glad to see manufacturers providing pre-turned PE like this. Trying to "roll" a gun sleeve from flat PE brass requires an expensive extra tool. I'd rathr pay a few $$$ more and have it perfectly-done with no need for annealing (with sometimes so distorts the brass it doesn't take the right shape).
MAR 07, 2010 - 08:26 AM
Just came across this review on the front page and it's just what I've been looking for! First, let me say....Excellent review Andy!! Now, a question....Not knowing much about these .50cal MG, can this set be use on the Dragon Quad Gun Trailer M55 (#6421)? I've recently purchased this kit and was looking for aftermarket barrels but all I could find were individual barrels from companies like Lion Roar, Adlers Nest, etc., and at $10 - $17 a single barrel they can get steep if needing four of them (as I'd have to for this kit). This set may be just what I needed and from the pics in Andy's review they look similar to the ones by LR and AN so I was wondering. Any info on this will be a appreciated! Rob
MAR 14, 2010 - 03:06 AM
Hi Rob, thanks for the comments! to answer your question, yes yes yes....these barrels are basically from Griffon Models M16 MGMC detail set, so they are designed for a quad mount. The Dragon M55 is nothing more than the quad mount in the M16 with parts for the trailer. Getting 4 at a time is a better deal than one at a time, especially if you shop around a bit. Also, something I didnt mention...the mounting rods for these barrels are longer than other sets out there, so they make things a bit more sturdy in the end. Enjoy Andy
MAR 14, 2010 - 05:59 AM
Excellent!! Thanks much for the feedback, Randy! Will purchase this as soon as they're in stock at Lucky Model (a bit cheaper than other places) Rob
MAR 14, 2010 - 06:38 AM

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