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UK Bulk Jerry Can Set
UK Bulk Jerry Can Stowage Set
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by: Alan McNeilly [ ALANL ]


Resicast are well known for their excellent range of UK accessories and stowage sets. Just released is another useful item in the form of a set of UK bulk stowage jerry cans.

The set

The set comes packaged in the normal Resicast fashion of zip plastic bags with a card insert depicting the details of the product and a picture of the completed cans to aid painting.
The set consists of 3 x large bulk sets of cans and 6 x small block items consisting of 3 x 3 cans and 3 x2 cans.

The 3 x bulk items contain 40 cans each, a total of 120 cans plus 15 others in 3 sets of 3 cans and 3 sets of 2 cans. So a total of 135 cans to play with.

Cast in Resicasts familiar light grey resin, the cans are well detailed and finished, showing the War Department markings on the RHS of the can. The date I believe is 1943, which is the year the British first started to produce their own version of the jerry can. Cans were made by many different manufacturers, the markings on these cans are, I believe, BMB standing for Briggs Motor Bodies Ltd of Dagenham Essex.

Clean up of the plugs is minimal and very easy to remove with a sharp razor saw. On my set there is a small film of resin between the end handles of the cans, so a little clean up in that area will be necessary. Just be careful not to chop any of the handles off when doing this.


A really handy and reasonably priced set of UK cans, to load you trucks, DUKWS, boats and vehicles with. They will work for both vehicle and diorama builders alike and provide that often needed large stowage item.

The 3 stacks can be arranged in whatever way you want, and the smaller blocked items added as necessary. In my search for ‘can’ information I believe they give an excellent representation of the original kit.

All in all a very useful set indeed, and a welcome addition to their excellent range of UK wartime equipment and accessories.

Normal precautions apply when working with resin.

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Highs: Excellent diorama or bulk stowage item. Very little clean up and reasonably priced with very good detail.
Lows: None I can think of.
Verdict: Highly Recommended.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35.2326
  Suggested Retail: 12.50 euro
  Related Link: Resicast
  PUBLISHED: May 02, 2010
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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Hey Al, Thanks for another comprehensive review !! Resicast certainly does some unusual kits. Cheers jjumbo
MAY 01, 2010 - 02:59 PM
Hi John, Thanks, useful set of bulk stowage. The small film of resin between the outer handles is a bit of a pain to clean off though. However, no large base plug to remove which is a major plus Al
MAY 02, 2010 - 12:21 AM
My motto too, the less work the better Cheers jjumbo
MAY 02, 2010 - 11:55 AM

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