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British 2pdr Ammo Set
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by: Alan McNeilly [ ALANL ]


Accurate Armour are a well know Scottish Company based in Inverclyde who have an extensive range of resin products. As well as a range of full resin kits and conversion sets, they are well worth a visit if you are looking for some accessories. They have an excellent range of British Ammunition sets and this is a brief look at set A010 - British WWII 2pdr Ammunition Shells and Casings

The shells were mastered by Phil Hendry and thanks are given to P Middleton, the RAC Tank Museum and Royal School of Artillery for their assistance.

The Set

The boxes come packed in the standard Accurate Armour format, being contained within a thick plastic bag attached to a thin cardboard backing card. The card displays the product and manufacturers details.

Cast in white metal, the set contains 12 empty shell casings on 3 metal sprues, and 21 shells on 7 metal sprues. The shells come in 3 types giving a total of 33 items in the set

Examples are provided for:
a. Shell QF HE or APOBC x 7 -pointed nose
b. Shell QF AP x 7 - rounded nose
c. Shell Practice x 7 -flathead

These are naturally small items. Some of the shells will need a little filing to smooth off the edges. The shape and finish of the round appears to be correct.

The 9 shell casings have a slight indent in the top and these I think would benefit by drilling out a bit more for added effect.

Also included in the set is a paper insert detailing the shell types, some general information and a typed painting guide.

Judging by the paper insert that accompanies the shells, and the fact they are cast in white metal, I am assuming these are an older set of accessories and have probably been around for some time. That shouldn’t detract from their use as a metal file should tidy up any rough edges easily.


With all the early British Armour coming out, and the as 2pdr ammunition was used in the Valentine, Matilda Mk II, A9, A10 and A13 Tanks as well as Crusaders, Churchill Mk I and Mk II tanks and the Covenanter, these shells should have a wide range of possible stowage or arming possibilities. They can also be used with the Vulcan or Sovereign 2pdr anti tank guns

33 items should stock any reasonable vehicle or diorama and this set gives modellers another finish option with their vehicles and displays. These are not a must have item but a nice additional set to detail up your vehicle or scene.

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Highs: Useable with many vehicles and all 2pdr weapons.
Lows: None I can think of.
Verdict: Recommended.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: A010
  Suggested Retail: £7.99
  PUBLISHED: Jun 12, 2010
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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