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British Military Transport WW2
British Military Transport in World War Two
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by: Alan McNeilly [ ALANL ]


I came across this publication about 3 years ago. It consists of 48 pages of A4 size in a bound, glossy cover and features data, pictures and 1/35 scale drawing on Light Utilities, Lorries and Heavy General Service Trucks used by the British and Commonwealth Forces during WWII.

The publication cost me £10.00 at the time, and is one of the most worthwhile purchases I have made for my small library of modelling reference books.
Written by David E Jane and first published in 1978, my copy is the third addition which was published in 1994 by Ryton Publications of Nottinghamshire.


The Introduction and Acknowledgements:
These take up the first 3 main pages (2 – 4) and give the reader a very good overall picture of vehicle development of the British Military Transport during the war years. The book is designed as a basic reference guide to this fascinating subject and is aimed at military vehicle enthusiasts and military modellers.

The Sections/Chapters:
Each section of the book starts with a list of the Main Types in Service for that particular vehicle group and leads onto an introduction to the production and development of a specific classification of vehicle types. The length of the text varies in each section but contains sufficient data and information to give the reader a broad understanding of the vehicle types contained within that section of the publication, as well as some specific information on particular manufacturing types.

The sections/chapters are broken down as follows:
  • Cars and Light Utilities - pages 5 to 9
  • Heavy Utilities and Troop Carriers – pages 10 to 14
  • Light Trucks – pages 15 to 26
  • (pages 24/25 contain colour plates of a variety of vehicles)
  • 4 x 2 Medium Lorries – pages 27 to 31
  • All wheel Drive Medium Lorries – pages 32 to 40
  • Heavy Lorries – pages 41 to 45
  • Semi Trailers – pages 46 to 47
  • Fixtures and Fitting – page 48 – brief details cover, General Service Bodies, Tilt Covers, P.O.W. carriers, Stowage Lockers, Overall Chain Stowage, Spare Wheel carriers and Gas warning Panels. Also included in each section are war time photographs of the actual vehicles.

1/35 Scale Drawings:
A range of 1/35 scale drawing are provided in the book featured in the relevant sections and at the beginning and end.
  • On the reverse of the front cover are a set of 1/35 scale drawings for the Guy FBAX 3 ton 6 x 4 General Service Lorry, the second part of which is on the inside rear cover.
  • On cars and Light Utilities drawings for; the Austin 10hp Light Utility, Standard 12hp 4 x 2, Ford WOA1 4 x 2 Saloon.
  • On Heavy Utilities and Troop Carriers drawing for; the Bedford QLT 4 x 4, and Humber FWD 4 x 4 Heavy Utility.
  • On light Trucks drawing for; the Humber Snipe 8cwt 4 x 2 FFW, Ford WOT2H 15cwt 4 x 2 GS, Guy “Quad-Ant 15cwt 4 x 4 GS, Morris –Commercial C8/GS 15cwt 4 x 4, Bedford MWD 15cwt 4 x 2 Bedford MWC 15cwt 4 x 2 Water Tank 200 Gallon, and the Guy “Ant” 15cwt 4 x 2 GS.
  • On 4 x 2 Medium Lorries drawings for; the Bedford QYD 3 ton 4 x 2 GS,.
  • On All Wheel Drive Medium Lorries drawing for; the Fordson WOT8 30cwt 4 x 4 GS and the Austin K5 3 ton 4 x 4 GS.
  • On 6 x 6 3 Tonner drawings for; the Austin K6 3 ton 6 x 4 GS, and the GUY FBAX 3 ton 6 x 4 GS.
  • On Heavy Lorries drawings for; the Foden DG4/6 6 ton 4 x 2 GS and the Leyland Hippo Mk II 10 ton 6 x 4 GS

Some of the drawings provided show the side view only, whilst others cover a specific vehicle in detail with vehicle specification and 1/35 scale drawings from left, right, front, rear and top views. Additional information is provided for some of the vehicles showing cab interior detail layout.


This book is what it says; a basic guide for military modellers and vehicle enthusiasts. It contains some terrific data, pictures and scale drawings. It cannot, due to its size, provide comprehensive coverage of this wide and varied subject, as each vehicle in its own right is probably worthy of its own publication. However, some vehicle types are covered in great detail with vehicle specification and comprehensive 1/35 scale drawings, as well as general information in the text area.

What it will give you is very good guide to vehicle types, specifications and classes. It puts the development of British Military transport into perspective and provides some really useful reference pictures and data. It is easy to read, and laid out in a logical fashion. Simply put: this was money well spent and provides a valuable resource for the 1/35 scale modeller who is interested in British Military Transport.

Highs: Excellent data, drawings and general vehicle information.
Lows: None for the price.
Verdict: Highly Recommended.
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  Scale: Other
  Mfg. ID: ISBN 1 898135 02 9
  Suggested Retail: £10,00
  PUBLISHED: Jul 17, 2010
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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