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Panzer IV Turret Armour
Panzer IV Ausf. D mit 75mm Kw.K.40 L/43 Turret Armour
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by: James F. Zilvitis Jr. [ JIMZ66 ]


This kit is made to supplement the other kits from Voyagers Panzer IV D series for DML’s kit number 6330. This kit addresses the turret armor.

• One PE fret
• One wire
• Instructions


There are three brackets that make up the frames for the armor to surround the turret. The frames are listed as A through C. Assembly A has three parts, O11 for the right or O10 the left are the main brackets. On the top of them goes part number O21 and the bottom gets part number O24. This assembly makes up the forward assembly bracket.

The next assembly is set B. Using either O13 or O12 then using O5 to make up the main part then the smaller bracket parts O21 simply gets installed into the top while O23 gets folded in half and installed on the bottom.

Assembly C uses a very similar set up, as it uses part O16 or O17 for the main supports while O14 or O15 wraps around that. Parts O21 and O24 attach in the same manner as they do on the other two assemblies.

To begin the wrap around armor, you have O2 for the left side and O3 for the right. These parts need to be bent and have several holes that need to be pressed for detail to come later. They simply mount to the front two sets of bracket assemblies (a and b). There is a hole in the top towards the back that receives a piece of rod as well as part number O27 for both sides.

Part number O1 is the back plate. It simply gets wrapped around the back. It is attached by three brackets. The two C assemblies plus part number O19 which gets four folds and simply gets installed into place, on the back of the rear stowage bin. Two other smaller brackets O26 also get installed into place through the use of a small rod. They are very similar to the ones installed on the forward plates. They are just shaped slightly differently.

Two sets of doors complete the assembly. They are made up of eighteen parts apiece. The doors themselves are made up of O6 and O7 for the right side and O8 and O9 for the left. There is also a bar, O18 that attaches to the edge of the forward door that acts as stopping measure for the doors. The front gets four sets of hinges. Each set has three parts, O28 and O29 plus a rod that goes inside them. To assemble the hinges you simply roll the end that needs to be rolled and insert the rod to complete the assembly then mount in place. On the backside of each door is a bracket O25 that holds another bracket O20 that holds both doors together.


This kit may be a little hard for someone without a lot of PE experience. It has a lot of small parts that need to be fitted together. It also has some bending and folding for the assembly to be fit properly. I recommend this kit, however, to anyone who has some good experience with PE. This would make a nice addition to the DML Panzer IV up armored kit.

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Highs: This is a very nice addition to the DML kit. It provides a very thin representation of the turret armor. It replaces the thicker version offered in the DML kit.
Lows: This kit provides a tough challenge when it comes to PE. There are parts that are very thin that need to be fastened together. It is not for the inexperienced PE user.
Verdict: Highly recommended.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: PEA173
  PUBLISHED: Sep 05, 2010

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