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Add-on Armour for Panzer IV D
German Panzerkampwagon IV Ausf. D mit 75mm Kw.K.40 L/43 Additional Armour
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by: James F. Zilvitis Jr. [ JIMZ66 ]


This kit from Voyager Model is for the DML 6330 Panzer IV Up Armored version. This is to replace the plastic version of the armor for the front and side panels along the upper hull. This kit contains approximately seventy-five pieces. It includes the panels needed to replace all the armor for the up armor along with the bolts to put them in place.


The left side panels are in two parts. A forward panel (M4) and a rear panel (M2). These two panels require thirteen bolts between them. Also included in this part of the assembly is one of two hooks to be placed on the front end of the upper hull. Each of these requires two bolts plus parts R1 and R3. These simply get mounted into place.

The right hand side is very similar to the left. It includes the same hook assembly as listed above. Then M3 and M5 are used for the side panels on this side. Again, thirteen bolts are located in these panels.

The front end is the most involved of this kit assembly, it includes the bulk of the large parts for this kit. There is a pair of back panel plates (M6 and M7), seven bolts are also required for this assembly. In front of those parts is a pair of support brackets for each back panel (R2). These four parts simply get folded into three sections and installed. Then the front panel (M8), itself simply gets installed along with eight more bolts. Once those parts are in place this kit is finished.

All the holes need to be drilled out to accept the bolts.


This is a very simple PE set and is a very nice representation of the armor that is a part of the up armored version of the Panzer IV. It is designed to go along with several others from Voyager to replace the armor and other parts from DMLís kit number 6330. The other kits include PE35080, PE35303, PEA173, PEA175, and VBS0135.

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Highs: This adds a thinner representation of the Panzer IVís up armor options. It is very nicely modeled.
Lows: Lots of little parts that may be difficult for the modeler with limited PE experience. The holes should be in place or the correct size.
Verdict: Highly recommended.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: PEA174
  PUBLISHED: Aug 23, 2010

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