In-Box Review
Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.B PE Update set (for DML 6186)

by: Pawel Krupowicz [ VODNIK ]

The latest product from Voyager Model company is the update set for Dragon's (DML) 1/35 scale kit of Panzer Kampfwagen I Ausf.B. Unlike most products from the Chinese manufacturer, this set is composed purely of photoetched brass parts. The ABS rods are shown on the back of the CD-case type cardboard box, but this is just printing error as they are neither included nor required. Copper parts were not used this time, but we do get eight brass frets of two thicknesses - standard 0.15 mm and thicker 0.25 mm. Two of included sets come from other Voyager sets and only a few parts from them are used, so quite a lot is left for the spare parts box and use in other models. Clear instructions are printed on both sides of single A4 size sheet.

Sizes of photoetched frets are:
A - 48 mm x 115 mm / 0.15 mm thick
B - 64 mm x 96 mm / 0.15 mm thick
C - 64 mm x 74 mm / 0.15 mm thick
D - 32 mm x 48 mm / 0.25 mm thick
fret with parts 17, 21-33, 82 - 24 mm x 42 mm / 0.15 mm thick
fret with muffler shield - 24 mm x 24 mm / 0.15 mm thick
fret with hooks (from PzKpfw.III set) - 34 mm x 42 mm /0.25 mm thick
WW2 German Clamps & Clasps fret (from set PEA35001) - 32 mm x 32 mm / 0.15 mm thick

Some included parts are:

- complete brass track guards / fenders,

- tool and fire extinguisher mounts. Included is a brass shovel blade to replace plastic part,

- muffler shield,

- 3 part engine intake grille,

- various other small parts and fittings (see instructions scans).

Instructions show how to assemble lifting hooks, but do not provide information regarding their placement on the model. I'm not familiar with Dragon kit, so I can only guess that these parts are direct replacement of plastic pieces and that's why they were not described in Voyager instructions in more detail.

As in all Voyager sets also here some tiny brass parts are included and appropriate skills are needed to assemble and attach them. This set requires quite extensive "surgery" to plastic kit parts, as fenders molded as part of upper hull in Dragon kit have to be completely removed. This means that the set is meant for more experienced modelers.
Voyager Pz. Kpfw. I set is another interesting product from this manufacturer. It does not include as many parts as some other Voyager sets, but the model itself is also quite small. Small details would certainly improve the look of the model, but brass fenders are definitely the most important parts in this set and should enhance its appearance significantly.

Many thanks to Voyager Model for the review sample!

Voyager Models detail sets are available in USA among others from Mission Models. For a list of other resellers and distributors please e-mail Voyager at: [email protected].
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: PE35039
  Related Link: Voyager Model website
  PUBLISHED: Sep 20, 2004
  NATIONALITY: United States

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    Contents of the set.
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    First page of instructions.
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    Second page of instructions.
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    Photoetched fret A.
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    Photoetched fret B.
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    Photoetched fret C.
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    Photoetched fret D and other small frets included in the set.