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by: Scott Lodder [ SLODDER ]

Diorama building requires details. Details, details, details, the more the better. The more accurate the better.
It seems that diorama builders are always looking for 'something different'.
Armorama's memeber nato308, Paul, has formed a company called St. George Designs. Paul has taken a great deal of time and care in researching boxes; lots of boxes.

  • US rations,
  • German rations,
  • medical supplies

He has produced it all. He uses his background in graphic design and his experience in the printing industry to bring a highly detailed design to you through a robust printing process.

The boxes come pre printed on 70# text stock. This is a nice weight for reproducing cardboard in small scale. The color of the sheets vary from batch to batch to add realizm to the boxes. No two boxes are exactally the same color. Paul does keep the colors within the
same color range for general consistancy. With each order you will receive your sheet of boxes sandwhiched between two pieces of chip board in a 9" by 12" envelope. The chip board is nice for other hobby related things, so its a bonus.

The products as mentioned are painstaking created. The detail is wonderfully rendered, all the way down to the detail on the 'sub labels' of the boxes. As you can see from the images included the detail is addressed very well. Not only is each artistically and accuratly reproduced, on each sheet you get a variety of boxes, not just one type. For example the US Rations WWII sheet comes with multiple menus in C rations. There are
KS rations and even inividual meal boxes. Each sheet is packed with boxes, there is no wasted space on the sheet you receive.

Assembly is as easy and cut and glue, kinda like when you were in grade school. Cut out the box, use a new hobby knife blade to ensure a nice cut also use a metal straight edge so you don't go astray. Fold up the sides, again with the help of a metal straight edge so you get a clean fold. Lastly insert the 'tab'. Along the way use a dab of white glue to hold it together.

You can see how nicely these boxes fit into a diorama. Special thanks to jackhammer81 for some 'live' in the field images.

You can contact Paul here : [email protected] for ordering these products.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Suggested Retail: $4.00
  PUBLISHED: Sep 26, 2004
  NATIONALITY: United States

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