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Marder III Ausf. H
Marder III Panzerjäger 38(t) für 7,5cm PaK 40/3
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by: Russ Amott [ RUSSAMOTTO ]


Nuts & Bolts Volume 18, "Marder III" Ausf. H (Sd. Kfz 138) and the 7/5cm PaK 40 Mot. Zug, by Volker Andorfer, Martin Block, John Nelson, with Heiner F. Duske, Tony Greenland, Frank Schulz and Detlev Terlisten. First published 2004.

128 pages, with 366 photos, scale drawings and color plates as follows:

Marder III Ausf. H:
•10 color photos of a scale plastic model kit, with aftermarket and scratch additions
• 247-Black and white photos
• 6-color drawings
• 5-1/35 scale line drawings
• 3-non scale angled profile drawings

7.5cm PaK 40:
• 61-black and white photos
• 5-1/35 scale line drawings


This volume in the Nuts & Bolts series takes up where the previous volume, which discussed the Marder III ausf. M, left off. It covers developmental history of the Sd. Kfz. 138 in brief and deals extensively with units equipped with the Ausf. H variant. Tables are included which show monthly production and allocation to panzerjager units of the Ausf H and Ausf M variants, units which received the Ausf. H and the quantity received, and available Sd. Kfz 138 units available as of March 15, 1945.

The main portion of the book provides black and white photos showing Marder III H units in action, including one photographed in the factory yard. Of particular interest are a group of photos of Pz. Abt 171, which used hard edge camo schemes and names on most of their vehicles. Also, several detailed photos of the Praga AC 150 hp engine are included, as well as two photos of the transmission.

The six color profiles of the Ausf. H provide vehicles from all theaters in a variety of camo schemes, including whitewash over panzer gray. Scale drawings are of all four sides and a top view, with three non scale angle profiles.

Detail photos of museum displays give good views of all parts of the vehicles, and will be most useful for detail modeling and verification of parts appearance. Additionally, in the front and back covers, there are color photos of an Italeri kit, heavily modified with aftermarket and scratch built parts, which can serve as a modelers reference.

The last section of the book covers development and deployment of the 7.5cm PaK 40, including a brief field report indicating some maintenance issues. Technical specifications for the gun are included, as well as units on hand from 1 Oct. 1944 to 1 March, 1945. There are period photos showing camo schemes and deployment conditions, including being towed by various vehicles. Five 1/35 scale drawings are included, again showing profiles from all sides and the top, and two different museum pieces are photographed in detail, covering all parts of the gun and carriage.


There are currently several different model kits available for the Marder III Ausf. H, with some including partial or full interiors. Multiple aftermarket upgrades are also available, from gun barrels and fenders to full blown deluxe sets. The book seems to run in the $50.00 US range on most online sites I found, or about the same as most aftermarket upgrade sets. Most modelers who build one of these vehicles seem to always build another as they are interesting and "right sized" models. I highly recommend this book as a companion to any build, because of the references it provides both to the vehicle and its deployment history.

Nuts & Bolts may be purchased from Nuts & Bolts direct at [email protected] or from various vendors such as RZM Imports and DragonUSA.
Highs: Valuable reference information on both the Marder III Ausf. H and the 7.5cm PaK 40.
Lows: None noted.
Verdict: Another valuable reference well worth the investment. If you are going to buy the model, buy the book as well.
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  Scale: Other
  Mfg. ID: Vol. 18
  Suggested Retail: $50.00 approx.
  PUBLISHED: Sep 25, 2010

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James, thanks for the help with these again. That Marder III H is still on sale at Lucky, plus the one you tipped me on at Yannis. With the references, I can't help but get another (and probably get in trouble at home). It's only a hobby, right?
SEP 24, 2010 - 02:42 PM
Good review of a book from a series that doesn´t get the exposure that they deserve. If you are building and Marder III H sometime in youe life, get the book. Ive bought a good few of these over the years simply because I have the related kit and they proved to be a great aid when building the kit, and adding some small details to dress it up realistically with ideas from the in action shots.
SEP 25, 2010 - 12:27 AM

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