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Bofors 40mm WWII AA Gun
Canadian WWII 40MM AA Gun in Belgian Army
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by: Jim Starkweather [ STAFF_JIM ]

This 60 page soft-cover book has both color and black and white photos on high-quality gloss paper. All WWP books I have seen recently are of a very high quality in terms of printing. This particular photo reference book was authored by a cadre of folks. Namely; Jan Horak, Jan Kennis, Frantisek Koran (WWP's publisher), and Martin Velek. The contemporary photos are credited to the Belgian Royal Army, Military History Museum, Artillery Museum Braschaat, and other private collections.

The book is broken down into several sections. The first section is an outline (in text) of the history of the Bofors AA gun. This section also has color full photos of various contemporary guns (outdoors and/or at shows).

The second section has historical photos purportedly during WWII of Czech forces (CIABG) in the UK and in-theater operating Bofors guns. There are (22) war-time photos in all. Some of these photos are from a deployment in Haifa and show a downed Bf110.

The third section are the "in detail" photos. These are taken of contemporary guns in various collections. The first is a Canadian manufactured gun currently in the Braschaat Museum. I have to say I found it very ironic that Canadian Bofors guns were manufactured by the Otis-Fenson Elevator Company. There is something poetic about converting a company that made devices to transport people vertically into a war-time factory making weapons to bring down planes. The walk around portion of this book has (15) photos. The breech portion has (21) photos. A further (7) photos for the sights. And the rest of the gun (ammunition, upper and lower carriage, right and left hand-wheels) is covered with (56) photos. There is a detail section for the trailer as well. There are (41) photos in this section.

An early British variant from the Shuttleworth Collection is also included. There are (27) photos of this gun. There are (7) photos of a gun in the Vienna Arsenal. There are also (7) photos taken of a gun mounted to a PT boat (Elco class) at the Battleship Cove Naval Museum. And lastly there are (3) photo of guns mounted on US Navy submarines.

[ Post-publishing note: The author would like to point out that on page 53 the 'London Arsenal' should have been credited with the photos and not the 'Vienna Arsenal'. ]


At rough count with over 200 photos this book is likely one of the few dedicated books available for this subject. That alone will make it desirable for the average modeler. Certainly for the cost of 20 (pounds, euros, dollars) this book will be a good value for anyone in search of detailed photos of the 40mm Bofors gun.
Highs: High quality photos of a rarely documented subject.
Lows: Limited period reference.
Verdict: A solid value for photo reference geeks.
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  PUBLISHED: Dec 11, 2010

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