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British 25pdr Field Gun
British 25pdr Field Gun in Artillery Museum Brasschaat and in the Garrison Collection
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by: Jim Starkweather [ STAFF_JIM ]

This book is part of Wings & Wheels "In Detail" series. It is mostly a photo reference book, but also includes a significant amount of history and commentary on some of the photos. Not all photos are annotated. The book is authored by Frantisek Koran and the Garrison, a historical and reenactment group in the UK ( There are 68 pages in this soft-cover book, which is touted as a "Photo Manual for Modelers" by the publisher.

Even though the cover credits the Brasschaat and Garrison collections as sources for photos in the book, there are several other photos of other museum pieces as well. Those include the Pegasus Bridge Museum, the Dutch Artillery Museum, and two guns located in Israel. In addition to (16) full photos of these 25pdr. field guns, there are(11) historical WWII era photos (of Czech Independent Armoured Brigade Group) as well as (4) contemporary photos of a club in the Czech Republic operating a 25pdr. Mk.II with it's limber.

The following sections in the book are the real "In Detail" portion. They include detailed photos of the muzzle brake and cradle (14), breech (13), sights and targeting (24), gun saddle (4), hand wheels (4), gun shield (10), trail (18), undercarriage (8), firing platform (10), and accessories and toolboxes (12).

There is also a section on a limber trailer (#16). This is the unit that stores the artillery rounds. There are (31) photos of the limber and an additional (22) photos of ammunition boxes and shells. There are also (5) photos of an artillery plane table.

In addition to photos of the field gun and limber there are an additional (27) photos of Quad gun tractors, some of which include the field gun and limber in tow. There are no photos of internal areas of the Quad tractors however (likely would require a book on their own). Both Morris Commercial and CMP Chevrolet and Ford units are included.


This book provides some excellent photos of contemporary museum pieces some in restored condition. The photos of the targeting system seems particularly useful as there are many photos showing the complexity of color variations in that system. For those looking to create more realistic models there are certainly some useful photos here. And at a cost of less that 20 pounds/euros this book is certainly not overpriced.
Highs: Detailed full color photos on high quality printed media.
Lows: Few period photos to compare for accuracy of restorations.
Verdict: Overall some very good reference photos for this subject.
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  Mfg. ID: R049
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  PUBLISHED: Dec 07, 2010
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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