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LRDG/SAS Trooper No 2
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by: Alan McNeilly [ ALANL ]


This is the second of the three reviews I promised on new LRDG figures from New World Miniatures. The first review of Trooper No 3 can be found here:

LRDG Trooper No 3

This time a brief look at NWM-35068 LRDG Trooper No 2.

The figure

The figure comes packed in a see-through small plastic box and is contained within a zip plastic bag inside. On the front of the box is the company logo and on the reverse the company contact details. Inside the box to accompany the figure is a nice small colour card depicting the completed contents. In other words a very useful painting guide if you need it.

This is a simple figure of 5 parts. Cast in a dark grey resin, the figure comes with a complete body and head, separate left and right arms and separate hands; the right holding what looks like a No 4 rifle and the left a water bottle in a cloth sleeve.

The figure depicts a standing soldier, left leg slightly forward with his right hand holding a rifle and a canteen in the left hand. Dressed in what might be seen as unconventional but very appropriate dress, the soldier wears a KD shirt and what looks like BD trousers. The KD shirt is rolled up to the elbows. On his feet he wears a pair of desert sandals, or chappies as they were called. Over the KD shirt the soldier wears a set of skeleton 37 pattern webbing consisting of belt, shoulder straps and left and right ammo pouches. The brasses are present front and rear on the 37 pattern belt, and the webbing looks well done.

The shirt and trousers all have nice folds and natural detail. On his head the figure wears a Gutrah and an Ogal, the band that kept the Gutrah in place. This was a style of traditional Arab headdress, but the forces were issued with a cloth that was sand coloured rather than white. The Ogal tended to be black, so options as to how you might finish the headdress exist. The face shows that of a bearded soldier, again displaying excellent detail.

To complete the figure you get a No 4 rifle in the right hand and a water bottle in the left hand. The rifle is a fairly good representation of the weapon, but I felt a SMLE would have been more appropriate here.

The figure stands at about 50mm from head to toe, so is a perfectly acceptable height. The body proportions are very good. The chappies show good toe detail and are nicely represented.


This is another cracking figure from Chris of New World Miniatures. I really like the order of dress and that, for once, we have a representation of an LRDG soldier wearing some kit, in the form of the 37 pattern webbing. This has all the makings of a tough looking LRDG soldier, or SAS type if you prefer. The unconventional order of dress is what really sets him apart from other figures and I am sure this one will be welcomed by many, whether diorama builders or single figure builders.

There was no damage to any of the visible parts and clean up should be minimal, although getting a smooth joint between arms and hands may take a little patience.

This is one of the new range of LRDG figures New World Miniatures have produced and a very welcome addition indeed, adding that much needed mixed order of dress so often seen worn in the desert theatre of operations during World War 2. This creative thinking is evident across the other range of LRDG figures.

Whether a figure painter or a diorama builder I am sure many will find good use for this chap and get great pleasure from the build. Normal precautions apply when working with resin.

A WIP thread to this and other NWM figures can be found here.


The figures are available individually or can be purchased as a set - see link below:

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Highs: Excellent detail in a highly desirable order of dress, a quality figure.
Lows: Only the choice of weapon.
Verdict: Highly recommended.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: NWM-35068
  Suggested Retail: $15.00
  PUBLISHED: Nov 12, 2010
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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Thats another great figure from New World and its actually quite versatile with that pose. As you would expect with SAS and LRDG figures, they are extremely popular and always sell-out quickly. I've got anther batch coming in to stock any time now (freight to and from the UK/USA is subeject to extra security so its not easy to pin a date). But they are listed on my website: LINK
NOV 11, 2010 - 09:19 PM

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