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NVA No. 2
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by: Iain S Hamilton [ COLLIN26 ]


Tankograd Publishing has released the second in a very limited print-run series covering the vehicles and weapons of the East German Army (NVA) and the armed paramilitary forces of the DDR (East Germany -GDR- German Democratic Republic). The main body of the text is printed in German. The captions that accompany each photograph are also translated into English and a thorough 2 page English summary of the text is given in the last 2 pages.

the book

Although this publication is listed as a "Summary", NVA No 2 contains both technical data & historical facts in reference to the vehicles covered in this title. Omitted from translation are unit locations & unit designations, as well as most of the political background surrounding these vehicles. The vehicle designations given are direct translations of the East-German designations. It is stated in the text that these may differ from the Soviet terminology as well as Western designations. Wherever possible, NATO codes are given.

Vehicles covered:

T-55 AM2 & T-55 AM2B:
This section spans 6 pages and contains 10 photographs highlighting the upgrades to the T-55. Included in these photos is an excellent image of a T-55 converted into a cutaway training tool!

Gepanzerte Wekstatt GPW 1 Recovery Vehicle:
This featured vehicle is worth the price of admission! With 11 photos of the beast, including a photo “on ops” with a T34/85. Converted from the Soviet SU-76M, the conversion to an “Armored Workshop” served until the early 1970’s.

BA64 & SK I DDR "Bobby" Armored Car:
With 32 photographs, this section will provide excellent reference material. Picture references include 7 detail photos of the turret and 8 photos of the “Bobby” in action with the border police. The “Bobby” remained in service until the mid 1970’s and images of the remaining museum pieces are featured here.

LPO 50 Light Flamethrower:
Aside from vehicle mounted flame throwers, the Soviets also fielded portable light flamethrowers. The number to be used by the NVA is not believed to exceed 200. Included are 6 photos and 2 technical images.

Kubelwagen W 311:
By late 1961, a total of 150,000 of these multi-purpose automobiles had been built. With a wide variety of uses and configurations, this is a fascinating look at a civilian vehicle widely used in military service. Featured here are 6 images in various military, police, and fire brigade uses.

122mm Howitzer Model 1938 (M-30) - H-38:
While development of this 122mm Howitzer began in the 1930’s, they were not completely removed from NVA service until the mid 1980’s. Exported to almost 40 countries, the H38 served in almost all conflicts of the 20th century. With 16 photos including field and parade use, the artillery piece is well represented in this title.


The growing enthusiasm amongst AFV Modelers for the East-German subjects with their Soviet origins will be heightened by this Tankograd release. With 10 full color & 90 black & white photos, this title will serve as both inspiration and reference for NVA subjects. Highly Recommended.

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Highs: Excellent photo reference of the less commonly published vehicles & weapons of the cold war era NVA.
Lows: Limited English text.
Verdict: High quality publication. Well worth the price for both historians and scale modelers.
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  PUBLISHED: Dec 25, 2010

Our Thanks to Tankograd Publishing!
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