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Canadian EROC
Modeler Photo Assistant: Canadian EROC - Buffalo, Cougar, RG-31
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by: Graeme Davidson [ GCDAVIDSON ]

,h6.introductionThe second in the series of Real Model's "Modeller Photo Assistant" covers Canadian EROC (Expedient Route Opening Capability) vehicles in Afghanistan. Included in this photo essay are the Buffalo, Cougar, and RG-31

Published in June 2009, this book covers photos taken by Rick Saucier while deployed in Afghanistan. As such, the photos all show operational vehicles - no hangar queens or factory brochure style pics here!
the book
There are 64 pages of full colour photos, taken with the modeller in mind (where else will you see close ups of a suspension system?). In addition to the standard walk around views, Rick gets his hands and knees dirty and gives us those detailed photos that only a modeller would love. There's even some birds-eye photos, though none of the top side of the Buffalo. Coverage of the Cougar is better; among the walk-around and detail photos, there are 12 that have been taken while standing on the roof looking down. This angle is great for modellers, as it represents the most common viewing angle. RG-31 coverage is great, with beautiful reference photos of the RWS (Hey, AFV Club, you've already made the RWS, how about the rest of the vehicle?). The RG-31 pics I think will be even more important when the CF divests itself of the RG-31 with the TAPV. Oddly absent from the book is the Husky EROC mine detector vehicle, which is a key component of the EROC team.

The book is printed in landscape format which is ideal for AFV photos. Text is limited to short captions...leaves more room for photos!

Highs: Large format photos, clear and in focus, showing operationally deployed vehicles from an 'insiders' perspective
Lows: Missing the Husky EROC and could have better 'above' coverage of the Buffalo
Verdict: Highly recommended to anyone with the Vajra Buffalo kit or Cougar kit..or for anyone who wants to scratch build an RG-31
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  Scale: Other
  Mfg. ID: MPA 002
  Suggested Retail: 19 E
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  PUBLISHED: Jan 23, 2011

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Thanks for the review Graeme! cheers
JAN 24, 2011 - 02:54 AM
Cheers Rick! I should mention to anyone reading the reviews, that the pictures from the book are reproduced for Armorama using a camera, not a scanner or the original electronic version. What that means is any distortion or flash bounce back you see, is not in the actual book.
JAN 24, 2011 - 03:14 AM

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