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152mm barrel set for JSU 152
ML 20 152mm barrel set for Soviet ISU-152
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by: Ted Hayward [ TED_HAYWARD ]


Orange Hobby, a recent contender to the after-market arena, produces high-quality metal barrels for popular kit releases. This set is for Tamiya's recent JSU-152 (kit # 35303). It of course also fits the Dragon (DML 6803), and older Zvezda (3532) kits. I can't afford the recent Tamiya, kit so I thought I would dust-off the old Zvezda ISU-152. I transformed a dud into a show-winning model in less than an hour.


Included are 3 turned-brass barrel parts and a resin mantlet in a simple cello and zip-lock bag. There are two different barrel adapters, to fit either the Tamiya or Dragon kit. The craftsmanship is immediately obvious.The mantlet has some of the most convincing cast texture I've seen, but does require removing a couple of pour stubs. Mine had no flaws or voids, which can sometimes occur with resin parts.

This is as simple an upgrade one can make, without blowing the beer budget. There is just something about that massive ML 20 gun, which must have been so much more impressive on the real vehicle - no wonder the ISU was nicknamed "the animal killer," for its ability to demolish German Tigers and Panthers!

Parting Shots

This set depicts the tiny muzzle brake-retaining setscrews missing from other after-market ISU-152 barrels. This machined-brass barrel is hollow for its entire length, and considerably longer than that of the aging Zvezda kit. If adapting this to the Zvezda ISU, neither adapter fits perfectly: use the larger one, after reaming-out the hole in the kit's gun trunnion.
Highs: Contains 3 turned-brass hollow barrel parts and a resin mantlet. Two different barrel adapters, to fit either the Tamiya or Dragon kit. Depicts the tiny muzzle brake-retaining setscrews missing from other after-market barrels.
Lows: Slightly more work to add this to the old Zvezda kit.
Verdict: Recommended. Almost a shame to paint!
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: G35-067-68
  Suggested Retail: tba
  PUBLISHED: Apr 24, 2011

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