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Rhino Anti IED Device
Modern USMC Rhino Anti IED Device (2 sets) (GP)
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by: Mario Krajinovic [ MARIO_HR ]


Since the start of OIF in 2003, a wide variety of IED jammers appeared, both active and reactive, such as; Warlock Green, Red, Blue, ICE, MICE, SSVJ, MMBJ, Cottonwood, Jukebox, Symphony etc. Collectively they were now known as CREW - Counter Radio-controlled IED Electronic Warfare.

Different jammers work by different means. Active jammers disrupt RC bombs with a flood of radio waves on pre-selected frequencies that drown out the triggering signal.
Reactive jammers “scan and jam” by monitoring the electromagnetic spectrum and then block the frequencies they are programmed to block.

The Rhino system is a passive counter-passive infrared tool that the armed forces have come to rely on due to its simplicity and effectiveness. Rhino is a capability used to defeat a subset of IEDs and features a universal bracket that can be mounted on any vehicle platform to detonate passive IR-initiated IEDs prior to their intended targets entering the kill zone. Rhino can be integrated with the SPARK or Cyclone systems as well providing more flexibility to the soldier. The first systems were developed in Iraq in May 2006. Over 19,000 Rhinos have been delivered to theater so far. Upgrade kits were provided to Rhino systems (Rhino III) that include heat monitoring systems with safety and performance improvements to the heating elements that will meet the unique terrain requirements of the Afghanistan theater of operations.


This is a simple add-on that can be applied to a number of vehicles (even though Voyager claims this is a USMC device) operating in Iraq or Afghanistan such as the HMMWV series, M1117, Stryker family etc. Since this is a pretty simple affair, parts are provided for two Rhino devices. The contents of the boxing are:

• 2 photo-etched frets,
• two lengths of wire,
• a length of brass chain,
• set of instructions.

The instructions are clear and should make the assembly fast and easy. Photo etched fret is comprised of 20-ish parts but when assembled will fully look the part. The only problem I can see is (like all other PE Rhinos from other manufacturers) it will need some precise bending of the square post. A bending tool will come in most handy here. Depending on the vehicle you can depict it retracted or extended by assembling the telescopic post with different height. Rhino devices can be positioned both horizontally and vertically, but instructions show just the vertical position. Perhaps some work will be needed to show it deployed. A bracket for the M1117 as well as the HMMWV is provided. I found a picture of the assembled kit on the Voyager Models website that could be helpful with the assembly that I included in this review.


This is a useful addition that can be used to detail a bunch of vehicles and the good thing is that it’s inexpensive, you get two sets and should be relatively simple to assemble.

Highs: 2 sets provided, inexpensive, can be applied to a variety of models
Lows: folding tool needed to get tight precise bends of the square post
Verdict: Very useful and a general purpose accessory to a number of modern vehicle kits
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  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: PEA240
  Related Link: Voyager Models item link
  PUBLISHED: Jul 14, 2011
  NATIONALITY: United States

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Dear Mario Nice Review You have been busy with VM kits lately Just to add comment on your review, you wrote that you need special tool to fold the mast of the device. Usually, since i dont own such device, i am using square styrene rod as a jig to fold the PE around and i leave the rod inside to give mechanical strength to the PE. my 2 cents Cheers Seb
JUL 13, 2011 - 10:59 PM
Thanks I still have a few to do which should appeal to modern builders. Great idea, actually I was kinda let down how hard it is to bend a proper, square thin post without some sort of bending tool. I use a Tamiya bending pliers but with that it would be hard to do. If not for your good advice I'd never think about that - thanks friend
JUL 13, 2011 - 11:57 PM
Good luck with the build and with the review Mario i want to read more Cheers Seb
JUL 14, 2011 - 06:17 AM

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