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Stryker MGS
Stryker MGS in Detail
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by: Charles King [ TI ]


This is another fully packed, color picture galore Stryker book in all its glory. After having reviewed the Stryker in detail part two book, I knew I was going to enjoy another variant from the same family. I have always been intrigued by modern vehicle arsenals that have sprung up during the years. The Stryker is no exception. Now, equally impressive and with a massive gun on top, the M1128 Mobile Gun System (MGS) addition to the Stryker family, makes all other Strykers, look small in comparison. This beast can easily take its place among the great collection of Stryker variants available today. So let’s check it out.

the review:

As always, I like to divulge the contents of the book, so you, the reader can have an overview of what to expect. This way, I can keep my summations short and concise. The book contents are split up into several sections. They are as following:

•History & Development pages 002 - 018
•Hull Exterior Details pages 019 - 034
•Hull Interior Details – Driver’s Compartment pages 035 - 037
•Turret Exterior Details pages 038 - 055
•Turret Interior Details pages 056 - 062
•Hull Interior Details pages 063 - 071
•Additional System pages 072 - 081
•Live Firing 082 - 084
•MGS Ammunition pages 085
•MGS with SLAT Armor pages 086 -93
•The Crew pages 094 - 096

Again, with most of WWP publications, the information is kept short but concise just enough for the readers to get an idea of what this beast of a system is about. The introduction takes you into an in-depth explanation of the history and the development of the MGS and its counter-parts. This is great for those not so familiar with this armored vehicle. The Information is just enough to get an understanding of this vehicle and what it can do. There are quite a few sections that are taken into account, but each section provides a good bit of information surrounding this vehicle.

As always, all pictures are well detailed and clear, which is definitely one of the reasons for definitely buying this book. Every angle of the MGS is taken into consideration which for us modelers is a big plus when it comes to recreating the perfect imitation of the subject we are modeling.

All those who are going to be covering this beast with slat armor will not be disappointed. Ralph is a freak ‘in genius in knowing what the modeler wants to see, and he delivers with a 100% impact. A short section showing the ‘live firing’ of the MGS is a nice touch but does not really show the true strength and power behind this beast, at least not with pictures. But regardless, it is a nice addition.
The descriptive explanations are always dead on. No need for overdoing things when the sole purpose is to reference a subject matter in picture form. Most modelers are usually only after pictures and seldom read all the information provided. One thing I am proud to say is that on the last page is a picture of the man himself - Ralph Zwilling, the reference king himself. I would like to thank him for all his efforts in providing the necessary reference info to modelers and military enthusiast alike. His dedication to the genre will be appreciated by all modelers.
I said this before; the ability of the photographer to take as many photos from different angles of any subject matter is a testament that he knows exactly what the modeler wants to see. If you want reference pictures, then look no further than this book. The details are top-notch and will satisfy the most critical of modelers. So Ralph, please do not stop.


I think modelers will enjoy this reference book; and having a well detailed book of the MGS to build a close and accurate model will be very much a relief to those who like to base their models on the real thing as close as possible. This book is a fantastic addiction to those who want accurate detail version of the MGS armor vehicle.
As I mentioned on my last review, no more squinting eyes, just beautiful clear photos of your favorite vehicle. I consider this a MUST have publication for enthusiast of the military vehicle arsenal and modern armor modelers. WWP again, has provided something many will cherish for a long time to come.

Thanks to FRANTIŠEK KOŘÁN for sending me this and many other books to be reviewed. Highly Recommended!
Highs: Pictures Galore. Details are second to none. Clear as day.
Lows: Like my previous Stryker review - None!
Verdict: This book is a fantastic addiction to those who want accurate detail version of the MGS armor vehicle.
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  Mfg. ID: G027
  PUBLISHED: Jul 24, 2011
  NATIONALITY: United States

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