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Centurion Tanks
Centurion in detail Part One
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by: Charles King [ TI ]


This is an armor tank I have never been interested in solely because it is a design that does not sit well with me. But this is not what this review is about so we can quickly put aside my personal view of this tank. I am not so familiar with this type of armor tank but have seen a few pictures of it roaming the various model and military forums on the net. So let’s get into it.

the book

As always, the contents of the book have always been an opening to any review and this is no exception. So let’s start there. They are as follows:

• History (pages 002 - 013)
• Mark 3 Walk Around (pages 014 - 025)
• Aussies Mark 5 (pages 026 - 041)
• Swiss Mark 5/2 (pages 042 - 047)
• Dutch Mark 5/2 (pages 048 - 057)
• IDF Mark 5 Walk Around (pages 058 - 059)
• Mark 6 Walk Around (pages 060 - 079)
• MK.3/5 Interior Details (page 080)
• MK.5/6 Interior Details (page 081)
• MK.6 Interior Details (page 082)
• MK.5/6 Interior Details (page 083)
• MK.6 Interior Details (page 084)
• Contents of pgs. 86 – 117 (page 085)

• Pages 86-87 Smoke Launchers
• Pages 88-89 Sights
• Pages 90-93 Turret Storage boxes
• Pages 94-95 Driver’s Periscopes
• Pages 96-97 Hull Storage Boxes
• Pages 98-101 Tool Holders
• Page 102 Gun Travel Crutch
• Page 103 Exhaust Details
• Pages 104-105 Rear Hull Side
• Pages 106-109 Engine Covers
• Pages 110-113 Engine & Gearbox
• Pages 114-117 Chassis Details

Again, with most of WWP publications, the information is kept short but concise except for the introduction or history of the Centurion Variants, MK.3 MK5 and the Mark.6. The introduction takes you through the history of the Centurion and its different stages. The info provided is good enough to get an overall view of the Centurion. As you can see from the contents, it pretty much covers the different variants with pictures that will suffice model builders to the fullest.

There are some areas, like between spokes and the characteristics of the baskets on the turrets, that are taken into consideration. There are even color drawings showing various types of engines before and/or after each variant. The photo info provided is top notch and provides ample details to those wishing to portray an accurate model. Regardless if you were modeling a Swiss, Israeli, Dutch or an Australian variant, the info needed to accurately achieve a native model based on that countries requirement would be sufficient for modelers of the genre.

All-in-all a very detailed book that cuts no corners when it comes to detail photos of this Centurion armor tank.


I think modelers will enjoy this very well photo detailed journal of this Tank. This book is a fantastic addition to those who want to accurately detail the Centurion Tank and does not want any compromises. Beautiful clear photos are the main theme of this photo journal. Something you’ll add to the shelf with pride.
Highs: Very detailed photos.
Lows: Besides my lack of interest in this particular armor, nothing I could put a hands on.
Verdict: A great collection of photos for the modeler to base his or her model on.
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  Scale: N/A
  Mfg. ID: G025
  PUBLISHED: Jul 27, 2011
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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