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German POW
German POW 1944-45
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by: Alan McNeilly [ ALANL ]


Stalingrad are a relatively new company based in Russia, who have been producing a small but growing range of interesting and creative WW2 1/35 scale resin figures.

The figure was sculpted by Alexander Zelenkov and the box art was also done by Alexander. This is my first look at any of their figures, although I have seen them in the 'News'.

The figure

The figure comes in a small professional looking box depicting the company logo and a finished picture of the figure. The individual parts of the figure are contained in two small zip bags. The figure is cast in a light grey resin and comes mounted above a small plinth.

This is a simple figure of a standing/walking German soldier. The figure consists of 4 parts; the body as a whole, separate arms and separate head. The figure is dressed in a German Greatcoat, boots and anklets. The sculpting and casting of the figure looks excellent.

The greatcoat looks to me to be of the standard Field Grey Woolen type, it has the broad collar, cuff detail, slanted side pockets and the half belt with 2 buttons on the back. Down the front of the coat are two rows of 5 buttons each. The coat has nice natural looking folds and creases and looks the part, with the pleat down the back. A detailed pair of boots and anklets round off the body.

The arms are separate items, designed to hang down by the sides of the walking soldier. The detail on the hands and coat sleeves also looks good.

To round off the figure is a nicely detailed head wearing a Germany Army Cap. The cap looks correctly done although the two small buttons on the front are quite faint. The facial detail looks excellent.

The figures body proportions look fine and it stands about 42/43mm heel to top shoulder, so a very acceptable height.


Overall an excellently sculpted and moulded figure. The detail looks correct to me, against the reference pictures I checked, although I am not an expert on German Army Uniform.

A simple figure that will require minimal clean up. Given the uniform and pose the figure would be useable in many situations as well as that of a POW. Perhaps not the most exciting for some but highly appropriate for the setting.

A very good generic figure whom both figure painters and diorama builders alike should enjoy. Stalingrad are developing a very useful range of figures and this one adds to that growing list.

A very good generic figure whom both figure painters and diorama builders alike should enjoy. Stalingrad are developing a very useful range of figuers and this one adds to that growing list.
Highs: Excellent sculpting and casting.
Lows: None I can think of.
Verdict: Highly Recommended.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: S-3529
  PUBLISHED: Aug 04, 2011

Our Thanks to Stalingrad!
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Good review Alan. I recently bought my first Stalingrad figures and I am very impressed with them.
AUG 03, 2011 - 11:11 PM
Thanks Pat, There is another POW with glasses who also looks good. Al
AUG 04, 2011 - 04:14 AM

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