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Waffen SS Officer & Motorcycle Dispatch Rider

by: John Pradarelli [ JOHN17 ]

This two figure set from Warriors includes an SS Officer, and a Dispatch Rider. The sculptor is Douglas Lee, whose work I must mention I admire very much. Both are molded in a light colored resin which seemed to be on the soft side. I actually found this to be desirable as it made for easy shaping around the attachment points and areas where the pour blocks were connected.

All details were crisp and clean. Even the finest of details held up in the molding process. The limbs are molded with small connection pins which are supposed to be inserted into receiving holes on the torso. I shaved these off as I like to have a little play when attaching parts. There were minimal amounts of flash. What little existed cleaned up easily.

There were virtually no air bubbles except for an unfortunate one which severed the thumb on the left hand of the SS Officer. A small amount of epoxy putty fixed it right up. The facial expressions resemble those of some pretty ornery sorts which fits the bill nicely.
Now Iíll discuss the specifics of each figure.


The SS Officer is comprised of only four pieces. They are two arms, a head, and the torso and legs which are one large piece. Details that Iíve normally found molded separately with other kits were molded directly onto the figure. A real bonus! These include the map case, and side arm holster. In my opinion, having details molded on makes for a more realistic finish.

He is donning a helmet cover (StahlhelmbezŁge), M-40 smock over a tunic, SS Officer breeches, belt, buckle, and jack boots. As mentioned above, he also has an attached map case and holster.
Not only was the piece smartly engineered to allow for a minimal amount of pieces, but there are also nice details such as the grooves youíll find on his waist to receive the fingers of his folded left hand. Again, this attention to detail makes for a more pleasing finish.


The Dispatch Rider is made up of six parts: The legs and torso as one piece, two arms, the head, an MP-40 with folded stock, and a message canister (which looks like a gas mask canister to me). Iím not as familiar with the standard clothing of a Dispatch Rider as I am with other uniforms, but everything seems to be accurate from the wartime photos Iíve seen.

He is wearing a one piece riding outfit with typical round pockets over a tunic and boots. He is also wearing a standard infantry helmet with riding goggles affixed.The right hand of this figure comes with the magazine for the MP-40 already attached in its grip. This is another nice touch.
The MP-40 comes with four attachment points. This called for a little more caution when cutting it free so as not to break the barrel. However, it was well worth it as the barrel was perfectly straight. Iíve run into other kits where the gun seemed as if it could shoot around corners! Thankfully, that wasnít the case here.


This kit has a lot going for it in my opinion: interesting subject, top notch sculpting, smart engineering, and very easy to assemble for modelers of all skill levels. I had the figures cleaned, built and primed in just over an hour. Iíd highly recommend it.
Interesting subject, top notch sculpting, smart engineering, and very easy to assemble.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: WA35548
  Suggested Retail: $23.95 USD
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  PUBLISHED: Jan 04, 2005

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