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City blocks long
City blocks long 1:35
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by: Charles Reading [ CREADING ]


It seems Plusmodel is always looking for interesting subject matters to release - normal, every day items that most modelers take for granted. Check points/road blocks utilizing traffic control is something we see almost every day on the news. The primary method for traffic control at these checkpoints are (what’s known in the U.S. as) K-rail or Jersey barriers. Plusmodel refers to them as City blocks (long or short). I have seen them referred to as ‘Concrete traffic walls.’ Whatever they are called, in essence they are re-enforced concrete sections that can be set in place singularly or in multiple sections to either force vehicles in a particular direction or stop vehicles altogether.


This is an eight piece resin kit. Four of the pieces are the concrete block sections, two long tapering end pieces and two center sections. The four other resin pieces represent the steel tubing for the rails that are sometimes seen on top of the sections.

The pieces are cast in a grey-green resin and are free from bubbles or casting flaws. The block sections have a pour lug that s all along the length of the bottom and will have to be cut or sanded away.

The railing sections are somewhat delicate and two of the pieces were broken somewhere along the way. Relatively easy to repair as the breaks were clean. I repaired one of the small sections and left one of the large ones for the photograph (see photo)

The sections measure (in scale) as follows:

• Sloping concrete end sections - 6.5’long by2’ high (182.88cm x 60.96cm)
• Center concrete sections - 6.5’ long by 2’ high (182.88cm x 60.96cm)
• The ‘steel railings’ add 2’ to the height (60.96cm)


This is one of three kits on this subject that Plusmodel is currently producing. These kits are a very good representation of modern day concrete traffic barriers.
Highs: Nicely cast. Interesting subject matter.
Lows: Delicate pieces broken in shipment despite being boxed and bagged.
Verdict: I think this subject is so familiar to most people that would be relatively difficult to reproduce correctly therefore, this kit is a great asset to modelers wanting to represent a modern setting where traffic is being controlled with this type of device
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 383
  Suggested Retail: $ 14.90 USD
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  PUBLISHED: Aug 20, 2011

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