In-Box Review
OH-6 Cayuse: by Wings and Wheels

by: Ian Sadler [ IANSADLER ]

vPrinted in the now very usual landscape format and in full colour and English text, this book has 54 pages crammed full of 169 photographs and the accompanying text is concise and kept to the absolute minimum. The book follows the now familiar layout of sub chapters dealing with all the
relevant details. I.e. starting with the history of the helicopter, engine,
body, cabin internal’s, fuselage and rotor, and weapons fit etc.

The variants and countries that use this helicopter here are a few, U.S.,
Brazil, Columbia, Honduras, Taiwan, and Israel, the variants to pick out a few
are as follows, H-500MD Defender, NH 500MD, H 500M, OH 6a. With this book you
will not only be able to enhance your models but it shows the correct national
markings and the placement of the warning decals used by the various countries.

My own comments are as follows if this helicopter is part of your modelling
theme , then you cannot afford to do without his excellent reference book as
usual it give all the tiniest details in full colour and the level it goes down
to is breathtaking. With this book as reference alongside the kit you can very
easily build a truly staggering model and enhance it to championship standards.

I must admit I know next to nothing about helicopters so I have taken on board
the comments from my fellow club members who are more versed in these matters.
See below:

“Value for money every book cannot be beaten”.

“Each Volume speaks to me a masterpiece in reference material”.

“I look forward to each and every issue and cannot find a single fault with

“Well worth waiting for and each book adds more information to a bulging
reference self”.

“Keep up the good work and power to your elbow; never have I seen so such
excellent reference material packed into one issue.

“The authors and publishers understand the requirements of model makers better
than anyone else in the field”.

I think my fellow modellers have put it far more eloquently than I could, yet an
other winner for the WWP stable. They are all ready looking forward to the next
one on the Czech Spitfires. Many thanks to Franti for the advance copy for
review, now if only I can get it back from one of the club members. So go out
and order your copy now you will not be disappointed.

The book under review is the latest title in the Blue Series no 6; OH-6 Cayuse, Hughes H-500 variants from Wings and Wheels publications, RAK, P.O. Box
35, 17006, Prague 7, Czech Republic. The authors are Frantisek Koran and
Jaroslav Spacek, ISBN no is 80-86416-21-6, and the price varies from country to
country, so please check with your local book dealer.

Ian Sadler

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  Scale: 1:1
  PUBLISHED: Aug 22, 2002
  NATIONALITY: United States

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