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King Tiger (Porsche turret)
WWII German King Tiger (Porsche turret)
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


E.T. Model hardly seem to have been around for any time at all but their list of products is increasing at a very fast rate. Here I will review their after market set for the WWII German King Tiger (Porsche turret). There is a slight problem with this set which is that the header on the packet says that it is for the Tamiya offering where as the instructions say it is for the DML offering. According to E.T. Models website this set is designed for the Dragon kits and most likely would be best suited for those.


The product is supplied in a very heavy duty clear plastic bag with a card hanger containing information on the enclosed product. Inside the packet there are five photo etch frets which are secured to the two enclosed black card stiffeners. Each of the frets have a film on both sides which keeps the frets clean (free of finger prints) and helps hold everything in place. There is also a small zip lock bag that contains nine resin components in grey and cream resin. The included instructions are printed on two green A4 sized sheets of paper, one of which is double sided.


The photo etch frets vary in thickness from 0.10mm to 0.22mm and 0.26mm, this will mean that some parts will be very easy to distort and/or damage while others will be difficult to remove cleanly from the frets and may make for difficulty in obtaining crisp bends.

Page 1 of the instructions shows the replacement of tool clamps primarily and also uses resin components used in conjunction with photo etch parts to replace the cleaner rods and tow rope holders. These parts come from the thickest photo etch frets which causes me some concern when it comes to workable tool clamps. I know that these clamps do improve the overall look of the finished model but I suspect these will test the patience of the modeller due to the thickness of the photo etch itself. With all that said the photo etch is well detailed and will certainly look the part.

Page 2 of the instructions starts by continuing to replace a variety of tool clamps, and as these parts are from frets A and E my previous concerns are still valid. This page also shows replacement of the heat shields around the exhausts and uses photo etch components that are 0.22mm thick. These pieces will most likely need to be annealed before use and the indented groove will also need to be imparted to the two parts, there are guides for these indents and I suggest running a ball point pen along the guidelines to get the needed profile.

The photo etch engine deck grills are also shown added on this page, and these are the parts which are the thinnest at 0.10mm. The thinness of these components will look good but are so thin that they will be very easy to damage and next to impossible to fix. This pages closes by replacing or providing a mount for a copula MG and a sight for the MG itself, this is made from the thickest photo etch and providing you are up to the task it will make an eye catching addition.

Page 3 of the instructions concentrates on detailing the turret, this for the most part means the hatches. These parts should be easy enough to use with the possible exception of the workable hinges. The set concentrates on the locking mechanisms, brackets, hinges of the hatches but also contains elements to improve the commandersí copula viewing ports.


This set concentrates on areas of the vehicle that are easily seen which is an aspect I really like about it, and the finesse of the engine deck grills are also high points. Regarding the confusion over which manufacturers product it is aimed at I believe it will serve equally as well on any King Tiger with the Porsche turret to varying degrees.

This set seems to hit all the points that can really be improved via the use of photo etch parts in areas that are easily observed, and as such I highly recommend that this set is worth considering providing that you are comfortable with the use of photo etch. If you are not use to using photo etch I would not recommend this set to cut your teeth on.
Highs: This product covers all the areas that are easily seen and improved via the use of photo etch.
Lows: This is not so much a low as an observation but I would not attempt using this product until you have experience of using photo etch on your model.
Verdict: This is a good product which will improve the look of your model. Recommended for those with the needed skills to utilise it to the fullest.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: E35-033
  Suggested Retail: not known
  PUBLISHED: Aug 20, 2011

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